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To get a job in Australia is a priority for everyone: we offer our international students support to find a job in Australia. We will even help you to improve your English to be an successful job applicant in Australia.
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To apply for a job in Australia or to study, you may be required for a translation of official educational certificates and letters of reference. Go to Australia can help you organise translations with accredited NAATI translators.
Keep in mind:
  • There is no job guarantee, but to find a job in Australia should be possible.
  • Go to Australia is not a recruitment agency but will assist you in finding a job in Australia.
  • Learn English and get an IELTS  to improve your chances to find a job!
  • Your work experience matters to find a job in Australia successfully.

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About our Jobs in Australia and how we support you

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Go To Australia is a place full of drive and proactive consultation. It is mixture of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, each bringing new and solid perspectives to our network.

With more than 100 represented institutes in Australia and New Zealand, Go To Australia people make the difference. We offer exciting opportunities for individuals with a broad range of career objectives. We welcome you to tour our career website to learn more about our opportunities.

Australian Experts help you to:

  1. understand the job market in Australia
  2. apply for an Australian work visa
  3. prepare and translate your resume and CV
  4. improve your business English with language courses
  5. get your English tests done so that you can show proof of evidence to the employer that your English is efficient for your job in Australia
  6. get work experience in Australia to have first Australian references
  7. get the right Australian qualification to improve your market value
  8. understand your rights as employee in Australia
  9. improve your chances for a sponsorship
  10. apply for a PR visa in Australia

Jobs in Australia can be easy or very difficult to find. Students who already know how to speak English well, have obviously more opportunities. The permission of the Government of Australia to allow international students to work 20 hours per week is of great value to help to finance the studies, however far from providing total financial survival without depending on other sources or better salaries. Therefore we advise that it’s better to come with money sufficient enough to live in Australia.

Jobs-Australia panel of experts advise fresh graduates, international travellers looking for part-time jobs, and skilled migrants for a career break in Australia without charging any money in return for the service.

Additionally, the education counsellors and immigration agents offer free service and tips to students who want to work part-time while studying in Australia or those looking for a suitable visa to gain work experience in the country.

At no point of time, do job seekers need to pay us for our services or job leads contrary to many organizations which fall under similar category. Check with us regularly for updated job news and articles.

Go to Australia is a online portal for job seekers in Australia. We only provide our interested readers with suitable and useful information on various jobs available in Australia. The site also offers a medium to exchange ideas and interact with our job counsellors.

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