Pet Sitter Job in Australia

Do you like to stay for some weeks at the same place and look after pets?

If you get along with pets and are energetic enough to play with them, you can take up a pet sitter’s job.

In Australia, almost all households have pets. Often couple leave for office or on tours and it is during this time you need to look after their pets. Here are some common chores which a pet-sitter may be expected to do:

Basic feeding and cleaning – whether dog, cat or birds, you must offer fresh food to the pet. The bowls and the feeding area must be clean.
Grooming – not all pets require grooming but all require general cleaning. Make sure you keep the pet clean in case it messes up. Fluffy pets must be brushed and groomed regularly. Although pet sitters may not be groomers too, yet some can help a bit by brushing the coat of pet dogs or cleaning the ears, eyes and nails.
Exercising – almost all pets require your time as a sitter. You must play with them even if you are at home. If it is a dog, you can plan out dog walking schedules.
Visiting the Vet – all pets require to be de-sexed and given shots from the vets. Make sure you take the pet to the vet hospital whenever vaccination is due. For any emergency case, address the problem with the vet.
House-keeping – some pet sitters may also be given additional tasks of looking after the house. One basic task generally expected from a sitter is to make the house look liveable.

Where to Start

Pet sitters who want a new pet sitting job can approach us for a suitable pet owner who needs a pet sitter. AA Education Network pet sitting agents help pet sitters to get a genuine pet owner. We also guide you to make your pet sitting job successful by:

Providing you with a contract that must be signed. It contains all the tasks that a pet sitter must fulfil against certain compensation.
Offering you the best compensation you can get at the particular moment. Some choose free accommodation while others choose complimentary meals as well against some more housekeeping tasks.

Pet sitters must apply with their resume, work experience document, and references. Once selected, they will be called for an interview. There will be another round of talk with the pet owner after which a contract is signed.

Pet Sitting Checklist

Make sure the pet gets accustomed to you before the pet owner leaves the house.
Get detailed instructions on medication, pet safety, first aid help, emergency, and vet visit.
Acquire security code from the pet owner. Understand how to react during emergencies or near emergency situations.
Learn how to address the pet regarding its food, treats, behaviour traits, etc.
Know your limits – how much resources can you use from the house, such as net facility, electricity, rooms, furniture, etc.

Students, travellers, long-stay tourists, etc regularly visit us for pet sitting jobs. If you are one of them or love to be a pet sitter, apply here and become a pet sitter!