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Australia is over 7,600,000 square kilometres, is the sixth biggest country, and the world’s biggest island continent. Located in the Southern Hemisphere it is the flattest and driest populated continent but with its thriving multicultural inhabitants and unique natural landmarks it is no wonder it is one of the most popular countries to visit.

Australia has the reputation of being a friendly and multicultural country with picturesque beaches and iconic landmarks. This is all true but Australia has a lot more to offer than what first meets the eye. This vast nation is divided into eight separate states and territories. All of these states and territories offer different and exciting activities and escapades that need to be experienced firsthand.

Australia Fact – Believe it or not

  • Australia was only the second country in the world to give women the right to vote
  • Australia’s national anthem unti 1984 was ‘God save the King/Queen
  • Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the first convict ships into Sydney
  • Australia is the driest, flattest and smallest continent in Australia
  • Australia is a country as well as a continent
  • Over 90% of the Australian continent is arid, dry and flat
  • The Australian Inland Taipan’s venom is potent enough to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice
  • Australia’s deadly box jellyfish kill more people than stonefish, sharks and crocodiles combined
  • The funnelweb spider’s venom kills people in less than 2 hours and humans have no immunity to it.
  • Australia as a country has been shaped by post WWII immigration.
  • The first humans arrived in Australia about 70,000 years ago from Indonesia
  • Tasmania’s Aboriginal race is totally extinct
  • Australia’s multicultural society has been shaped by post WWII immigration
It is important to have an understanding of Australia’s quarantine laws, during the students flight to Australia they will be given Incoming Passenger Card to fill in. These cards need to be filled in accurately as they ask questions regarding items being carried in the passengers luggage. It is important that each passenger fills these cards in truthfully to prevent any dangerous items being brought into Australia.

It can be a frightening experience entering a new country alone, if you need assistance there are officials located throughout the terminal that can be asked for help and directions.

Clearing Immigration and Customs Check Points

After leaving the airplane have your Passport, Visa, Incoming Passenger Card and Confirmation of enrollment ready before heading to the Immigration check point. After clearing the check point head towards the baggage hall. Here travellers are required to claim their luggage and go to the customs and baggage examination area.

As mentioned earlier it is a great idea to be aware of items which need to be declared when entering Australia. There are two different coloured channels in the customs and baggage examination area, these are the green channel and the red channel. If there is nothing in need of declaring then follow the green channel, and if there is something that does need to be declared follow the red channel.

When entering the red channel, officials will x-ray travellers luggage. The official will ask the traveller to open their luggage so they can inspect the items. It will be up to the official whether or not the traveller is allowed to keep the item. If not it will be quarantined, it may be returned to the owner at a later date.

If a passenger fails to declare an item and is caught with it they will be given a $220 on the spot fine. As well as the off chance of being prosecuted and fined $60,000 and spending 10 years in prison.

Quarantine Matters

There is a full list of prohibited items on the Australian Quarantine Website. The most common items brought into Australia include:

* Food products

* Plant Material

* Animal Products

* Money of more then AU $10,000 being carried with them.

A common mistake is bringing in prohibited prescription medicines, as many have restrictions in Australia. Obviously all fire arms, weapons and ammunition are prohibited from entering the country.

Leaving the Airport

Once having cleared the check points the student will arrive in the arrivals hall. Here there are currency exchange booths available. This is where the passenger will meet any one who is picking them up. If there is no one picking them up there are public transport options or taxi ranks available outside the terminal.

Many students will need to transfer to a domestic flight. There will be signs directing them to the domestic terminal. If required there are Airport Shuttle Buses outside the terminal which will take the passenger and their luggage to the domestic airport.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship handles all visa matters in Australia. It is important to be aware of all regulations concerning your student visa. If found to be not complying with the visa regulations, the visa may be cancelled meaning deportation.

Visa conditions are available on the letter of approval which would have been received by the student. Read these regulations and abide by them, as failing to do so can also mean being prohibited from entering Australia for a further 3 years. The most common mistake made by students is working longer hours then what is allowed, or over staying their visa without applying for an extension.

If the student needs to change their details, educational providers or need a visa extension they will be required to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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Please note, no matter what the purpose of your visit to Australia is (work, holiday, study, visiting relatives, etc), you must have passport and apply for a visa. You can do it at the Australian embassy or Consulate in your home country. Citizens of designated countries can also apply online for an e-visa or visit the Department of Immigration Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs website for visa information and the contact details for Australian embassies and consulates worldwide.

  • You need a visa and flight ticket to get ready to head to Australia.
  • Receive a few hints to help you get ready.

What to pack for your travel to Australia

  • Receive a checklist to help you pack your backpack. You can also check the Australian Quarantine rules to learn what you can and cannot bring to Australia.
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Arrival Survival

  • Get advice what to do when you arrive in Australia (customs, quarantine, accomodation, safety, tax, bank account, english courses, education and training, find a job…) and how to ensure stress-free first few days.
  • Receive a arrival survival

What to do in Australia

  • A checklist of he essential steps to take to prepare for your trip, including organising a bank account and mail forwarding.

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