Australian Social Networking and Society

Society and Social Networking for Australian Immigrants

Australia has a vast multiculture society. People from all over the world are now calling Australia home.

When you go out how ever, into the social hot spot of each major Australian city, there is one thing you will notice.

International immigrants, always seem to mostly socialise with
others from their own country or continent.

You will read in many articles of African women finding strength within their network of only other African women, or of other groups of either Eastern Europen decent, or Asian groups mainly socialising together.

The reason for this being that there is clearly a social and language barrier between different continents and countries. Each country has different major social interests to each other.

In the United Kingdom soccor as we know it here or "Football" is a major social gathering, as with the USA they also have a different type of Football, which Australians know as Gridiron.

This is why in each capital city in Australia you will find a China Town, or an Asian strip where there will be Oriental Grocery stores, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Restuarants.

This is why there are churches allocated to different each variation of christianity, why there are places of worship for all muslims, hindu's, and budhists.

You will find Australia caters for all the minorites aswell as the majority. If you feel comfortable associating mainly with the one's you are travelling with and would like an extra piece of home in your new country, Australia will cater for this.

Australia, you will find the whole globe in one country.

Australia's diverse society

Australia has a population full of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. In fact 45% of Australian's either where born outside of Australia or have a parent who was.

Due to the rich multi-cultural society there is a wide range of religions practised here which people are free to express their traditions whilst
still obiding by our laws and regulations.

This could be hard to take in at first, however take it in, as everyone is different and we like everyone to fit in and have an enjoyable time here.

Australia has a tradition of cultural fairness and acceptance. There are laws in place to stop discrimination or grounds of race, gender, age and disabilities. We will expect new citizens to be loyal to Australia and take on our Democratic ways.

Australians speak English as our national languages. However there are over 300 different languages spoken in Australia. You are free to speak your native language, but encourage any new arrivals to learn English as it will help you whilst staying in Australia.

There are many courses running in Australia to help teach English including the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) details of which are available later in this piece.

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