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As a leading counselling agency for Australia we offer personal consultations and a comprehensive service!

For over 16 years, our mission remains the same: to be the best support for international students in Australia! We have have helped students from all over the world to study in Australia. All our education and immigration counsellors have lived, worked and studied in Australia. Our registered and highly skilled counselors will guide you to make your journey successful!
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If you’ve ever considered traveling to Australia, why not study and work while you’re there? Go to Australia Agency is a free online agency; helping and assisting committed interns, travelers and overseas students from all over the world work, study, and travel in Australia. Already, Go to Australia Agency has been used among thousands of individuals, worldwide, when seeking educational programs and vocational training.

Australia is a young, multicultural country, with vast expanses and a relatively small population. Large amounts of Australia are made up of scorched red deserts, while the coastal perimeter consists of white, sandy shores. Australia is well known for its unique wildlife and agriculture, pristine beaches, and friendly personalities. Due to these reasons, and more, Australia is a favourite tourist destination for travelers all over the world.

The Australian Education system is a flourishing establishment, which aims to create a prosperous future, through allowing students to discover untapped skills and achieve their full potential.
Whether you’re interested in Learning English, Studying abroad, Working Holidays, or attaining Higher Education in Australia, AA education can support you in taking the right steps towards the education you want.

Australia has countless places of interest, including natural wonders and significant landmarks. Go to Australia Agency know all the great places to go and visit, from the architecturally fascinating Sydney Harbour Bridge to the world renowned Uluru. AA education network are eager to assist to in anyway they can while you see Australia’s sights, with anything from local customs to great accommodation.

Throughout the course of your Australian adventure, Go to Australia Agency are ready to help you every step of the way, from before you leave home to seeing a safe return after your time abroad. During your stay, AA education network can be contacted anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

Free of charge, Go to Australia Agency can also assist you in information and counseling, selecting your courses, your application process, air travel, insurance, finding work, attaining the correct documentation, what to pack, Australian banking, VISA applications, and accommodation.

If you want to find work experience, need help choosing a course, are seeking advice in the best places to work or study, or to find out how Go to Australia Agency can assist you, contact us!

Free Australian Agency

Our unique assistance includes help with preparing your Australian journey, direct application and travel services.

We have 13 years experience and are well known experts helping visitors from all around the world to go to Australia to study, travel, work or immigrate.

This way we are able to serve almost every need that someone may have when coming to Australia.

Go to Australia is an Education Agency designed to assist and support you in on your chosen path of study, work or travelling abroad. Go to Australia recognises the huge benefits of moving overseas, whether it is for a gap year, an English course or for travel. We also know that these decisions are big and can be daunting. That is why we have a dedicated team that ensures that you are provided with the best options, services and support so that your dreams and aspirations can be realized.

At Go to Australia we are dedicated to you and your pursuits. Whether you are looking to study, work or travel, we can help you through every step of the way. Go to Australia seeks to make sure you make the right decisions for what you want to do. It could be an English course, a gap year or an internship, whatever it is; we will provide you with a huge amount of opportunities at no cost.

We understand the importance of ‘getting it right’ and offer our support and guidance in your future endeavours.

Submitting your application

Go to Australia lets you know exactly what documents you will need to provide with your application and will keep you informed of each process along the way. We will make sure that your application is just right before sending it off.

How long will the application process take?

After 24 hours we can give you an answer on your application. But we’ll keep in touch regularly and give you that support when you need it.

The Go to Australia Agency process

Go to Australia Agency handles everything for you so you can dream about all the possibilities that have been presented to you. Go to Australia Agency delights in making citizens of the world.Go to Australia Agency takes you by the hand and helps you to decide what is best for you. We help you with what course to enrol in, what institution is best for you, where it is best for you to live, and anything that might need to know while you are in Australia and/or New Zealand.

Go to Australia Agency will tell you what documents you will need when putting in your application, and explain how that information will be handled.Go to Australia Agency understands all the stipulations involved with this process and take care of it for you.Go to Australia Agency will review the documents to make sure all the right boxes are ticked and double-checked to see if anything has been overlooked.
All free of charge!

While this process is being worked out Go to Australia Agency will keep you in the loop at all times making sure you are not unaware of any possibility that may present itself. And after 24 hours they will have an answer for you about the course of study you are planning on and whether you have been successful at that institution. Go to Australia Agency will give you regular updates on the status of your application because Go to Australia Agency wants this time to be as easy and tireless as possible without giving you any undue anxiety. Go to Australia Agency achieves this by keeping you in the loop at all times with regular updates from their professional and friendly Education Agents.

Go to Australia Agency is recognised as being a consummate professional with a detailed knowledge of the Australian Education system that is second to none. Go to Australia Agency offer the best of services to prospective international students who want to study in Australia and New Zealand. Go to Australia Agency helps clients find the best situation for themselves with professionalism and empathy.

So, what are the comprehensive services that Go to Australia Agency has to offer potential clients?
Go to Australia Agency tailors their needs to all clients who want to study in Australia regardless of background.

  • Direction and assistance on how to apply for the appropriate course that will help you meet your education goals while you are studying and living in Australia
  • Correct information in regards to English language tests
  • Assistance with all your application forms including: both translations of appropriate documentation and certified copies and submissions
  • Continued on the ground support after you have submitted the appropriate application for study in Australia
  • Support with student visa issues that may eventuate like: application, extension and the renewal of visas
  • Airline travel information that is appropriate to your need
  • Student Accommodations
  • Correct information about what life is like in Australia: OSHC, banking, transportation, and student discounts

Go to Australia Agency assistance does not end when you enter into Australia, because you can email Go to Australia Agency whenever you need too. Plus,Go to Australia Agency will give you assistance with all those questions that are bound to come up when you come into a new cultural situation.

Go to Australia Agency are always willing to help and will provide the appropriate answers to any problem you may have at the beginning, during and ending of your time in Australia.

So browse the website it is the most exhaustive of its type designed for the international traveller in mind on their journey through Australia and/or New Zealand.

So, if you want to study in Australia, contact Go to Australia Agency - we are an email address away.

Go To Australia Agency Testimonials

Go To Australia Agency Testimonials

Go To Australia Testimonials

They are the best. Go To Australia is the primary organisation in Australia designed to help international students in their travels and education outcomes that the Great South Land has to offer. Go To Australia remains the most sought after education agency in the country and can assist the prospective student traveller with most, if not all of the information relevant for a successful arrival and stay in Australia and New Zealand.

The Go To Australia website is a one stop shop with all the information needed for a student traveller to map a successful journey from their home before they even set foot in Australia. The Go To Australia website is also linked to over 500 other websites that are of potential usefulness to a student and their family in the planning phase of their journey.

On the Go To Australia website, a potential client will discover many written testimonials from other clients from around the world who have used Go To Australia services and have reported favourably on their experiences with the agency. These testimonials are written first hand and still have many of the language errors that students from another culture have when they are learning to communicate in a new language. It emphasises their charm and truthfulness because they are undoctored. These testimonials also give the prospective student traveller the opportunity to see someone like themselves having a good experience in Australia or New Zealand provided by the Go To Australia.

And another advantage of choosing Go To Australia is:
Having access too many different work experiences in Australia and New Zealand that the Go To Australia has to offer. These opportunities include working as an au pair, and jackaroo and jillaroo schools throughout the country. Which most Australians themselves have never had the opportunity of participating in. There are also links to other reputable organisations around the country that can offer many great work opportunities in a variety of settings, from urban and suburban environments to deep in the interior.

The Go To Australia website also has a link to many different guides with relevant information on student visas, air travel to Australia and New Zealand, health insurance, what to pack, accommodation in Australia and New Zealand, and what banking and financial services are available to the student traveller when they first arrive down under.

So what is the Go To Australia?

Go To Australia is an education agency that deals with both tertiary (university, vocational colleges, language schools, TAFE’s) and secondary students from around the world. And is the official liaison office for many of the country’s top universities, schools and vocational colleges. Go To Australia is a gateway for international students in Australia and New Zealand and provides relevant up to date information to the users of their services. The AA Education Network provides counselling and access to education agents for students who are proficient in the language of their home country also.

Other advantages to Go To Australia include:

Assistance with the difficulties associated with VISA applications. Negotiating this process can sometimes be a legal minefield for people not familiar with international travel. But Go To Australia provides a person with all the relevant assistance in negotiating this for a successful outcome and a hassle free trip to Australia and/or New Zealand.

Go To Australia also offers assistance with getting appropriate accommodation in Australia and New Zealand, which is a great comfort both to the student traveller and their parents or guardians. Go To Australia will find the appropriate people who will give the student traveller a stable home base to successfully navigate the larger community, have fun and reach their education goals while they are staying with them.

Go To Australia will also help students with the collection and transfer of all relevant documentation for visas and institutional applications. This is usually provided with the assistance of education agents who work for the agency on a part time basis.

Go To Australia will also assist with the application process ensuring it is maintained at the highest levels of efficiency with few snags along the way as possible.

And give clients assistance with gaining access to credited English language courses that will help the student traveller with a successful integration into the education system in Australia and New Zealand.

So, there are just some of the advantages of choosing Go To Australia as your gateway into Australia and New Zealand. Apply here!

Go To Australia Agency Reviews

Go To Australia Agency Reviews

Go to Australia Agency - Advantages

That is why Go to Australia Agency came in to existence to provide the world with people who have the capacity to navigate across different cultural experiences well and learn from them in a way that is beneficial to themselves and other people who make up their circle of influence.

Go to Australia Agency seeks to provide their clients with the best experiences of Australia that they can deliver because they understand the need for people to be able to live in multiple situations and make a lasting contribution to those situations.

Go to Australia Agency understand the needs of their clients like no one else and give the best assistance in Australia and New Zealand and are the liaison with many of the major Australian universities. If you visit their website you will see many of the institutions they liaise with.

There is no education service in Australia like Go to Australia Agency that provides the level of support and commitment to their clients. Go to Australia Agency works across a wide range of educational needs for clients who are going on to university, need English language training, are secondary students, or seeking to gain post graduate qualifications at many of the internationally recognised Australian universities that dot the urban landscape of Australia’s major and regional cities. Go to Australia Agency also provides professional services for the beginner and seasoned traveller on their jaunts, giving these people excellent information about all aspects of Australian life. AA was created to help interns, travellers, and overseas students to gain the most out of their time in Australia and New Zealand.

Go to Australia Agency provide appropriate and professional assistance to overseas students when they are applying for the course of their choice, whether they are undergraduate courses or post graduate courses,   whether the client is having a gap year, or they are in the need of an excellent English language course that will assist them in other courses in the future.Go to Australia Agency will provide all the assistance necessary in a helpful and understanding manner.Go to Australia Agency will also help interns and other clients with appropriate job placement in Australia and New Zealand that meet the specific needs of the client thatGo to Australia Agency is catering too.

Go to Australia Agency Agents are always keen to help clients and they can be contacted by email at any time. Go to Australia Agency Agents will answer all those difficult little questions that a client has when they are travelling, living or studying in another country.Go to Australia Agency will clarify all doubts and their website is one of the most exhaustive guides to life in Australia or New Zealand designed for the overseas traveller in mind. And all of this does not cost you a penny because;

It is free. Yes. Free!