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Arid yet Charming Outback Facilitate Numerous Internship Programs for Fresh Skilled Graduates

Australia attracts international students to study in the country as numerous courses have internship programs included in them. Apart from institutes in the Outback region, farms, cattle ranches, and tourist lodges also provide a perfect environment for the fresh graduates to learn the secret of the trade.

Top industries in the country are also invited by vocational institutes, colleges, and universities to suggest topics that can be useful to the students. At the end of a course, many students pursue practical workshops and internship programs to learn how to implement their theories into practice.

Professional Internship Programs
Each year hundreds of professionals graduate from various colleges. Many, say, Biology students or students who have studied Environmental Science, Sustainable Ecology, or Water Management Technology visit the Outback for a year-long professional internship program.

These internships are mostly unpaid ones. But, they give you an exposure to learn how various technologies have been used for practical purposes. For instance, an animal-care graduate or veterinary doctor may be invited to work at a cattle station. 

Internships for Working Holiday Travellers
The Outback also attracts backpackers, photo-journalists, travel writers, and travellers with a passion for undergoing long holidays. Some are on a Tourist visa while many are on a Working Holiday visa or Work and Holiday visa.

Short-term work, especially seasonal jobs are quite common at the Outback region where foreigners enjoy their holiday as well as work for some time of the day.

Don’t be surprised if you find a fresh graduate wwoofing at a farm in the Outback during the gap year. Interns may not earn money in the process, but they will surely gain work experience during the holiday.

Hospitality and Tourism Internship
Interns in the hospitality and tourism sector generally get paid during their internship program. Travel and tourism in the Outback has become one of the essential revenue generating options for the Australian government. No wonder, interns are required in large numbers to cater to travellers trudging through this area.

In the Outback, driving long distances are common among the tourists. Apart from motels, there are campervans and caravans where tourists enjoy holidaying. A trainee travel agent organizing these activities can successfully etch out his or her career.

Apart from house-keeping and front desk chores, interns are also needed at pubs. At Coober Pedy, there are many training sessions organized by the hospitality sector that require hospitality graduates, Diploma and Certificate holders.

Geologists, Historians, and Archaeologists
At Arkaroola and Cadell, interns working with experienced geologists and archaeologists get an insight on the native tribes and their surviving art. The history students specializing in Aboriginal studies are often assigned to study tours cum internship programs to know about the tribe.

In short, the Outback has series of on-the-job learning opportunities. If you are interested in any of these internship programs, inform our student counsellor.

Outback Farm Jobs - Homestead Helper Required to Work with Animals at a Farm in the Outback

A homestead helper is required to work at a farm that includes domestic animals and young, orphaned calves or joeys. The right candidate will be someone who has the experience to look after dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and other farm animals. Those who can bottle-feed lamb, poddy calf or a joey, it will of an additional help.

The animal worker will be paid, given free accommodation, and complimentary meals. It is just right for those on a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday visa.

For more details about the job and the formalities associated with it, write to us.

Resourceful Outback: Just Right for Adventurous Traveller with a Penchant for Writing

The Outback in Australia still intrigues many travellers, partly because of the intriguing Aboriginal culture and partly because of its pristine natural habitat. Vast stretches of land ends up in ranches and cattle stations, while many other places have rugged ravines that end in creeks.

For travel writers, the Outback is quite resourceful. From wildlife nature lovers to photographers, novelists, anthropologists, and archaeologists, the Outback has plenty to offer. Many turn writers while travelling to various spots in the region to capture the most interesting story.

Working Holiday
Some travellers visit Australia on a long holiday. They come over on a Tourist visa. But, going through well known spots in Australia takes a long time. A Tourist visa will initially allow you to stay for 3 months only. A Working Holiday visa on the other hand will allow you to stay on for 12 months.

A working holiday is a useful way to enjoy Australia at one’s pace and if used judiciously, it helps to fend for one’s expenses as well. In the Outback, travel writers not only pen down their thoughts, but learn a lot more about a Jackaroo and Jillaroo’s life in the ranches. Some write for online websites while others script novels and articles.

A Visit to the Aboriginals at Outback
Aboriginals still survive today. At a remote spot in the Outback, native tribes live happily. The Aboriginal culture offers one of the oldest cultures in the world. The artwork and lifestyle of the people in the region say why they have survived centuries.

Many organizations dedicated to maintain the cultural heritage of the Australian tribes hire adventurous travellers to write about their first-hand experience in the Outback region. An additional skill in photo journalism will be an added attractive feature for the writers.

Covering Nature
Some travellers just cover the landscapes of the wild. Natural beauty can enchant any nature lover at the Outback. Though rugged, dry, and extreme, yet plunging ravines look ravishing. From King’s Canyon to Cooper Pedy, Uluru Kata, and Mac Donnell ranges, there are numerous worlds’ best spots which can be a photographer’s delight. Magazines often hire photojournalists and nature writers to pen down the beautiful untouched spots of the Outback.

Writers Catering Wildlife
In the Outback, you can find the world’s most popular marsupials, deadly snakes and toads, and other reptiles. Nature here is rugged no doubt and there is a struggle each day to survive the extreme weather conditions. Many videographers have completed documents on how these species survive in the wild territory.

Journals on Ranches and Farms
Cattle stations are common in the Outback. There are many ranches that have hundreds of horses. Travellers are assigned to Jackaroo schools where they learn how to ride or tame a horse, work with agricultural tools, or assist at farms growing cotton.

Even as irrigation is a problem, the Outback has interesting methods to tame the arid land for cultivation. There are thousands of stories full of adventures and interesting anecdote on the life of the cowboys in the Outback.

So, whether you are a journalist from a magazine, independent traveller with a passion for writing, or a freelance photo-journalist, you have a great scope to earn your living and penning down your experiences at the Outback.

If you have interesting stories that is unique and invigorating on the Outback, write to us to publish the same. Unique photos will also be published and rewarded.

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