Journalism Jobs in Australia

Apply now for Journalism Jobs in Australia! Don’t think that journalism jobs in Australia only cater to tasks related to a news writer.

Varied Scope, Financially Rewarding yet Demanding

Don’t think that journalism jobs in Australia only cater to tasks related to a news writer. Even corporate sectors can have journalists, in form of Associate Editors or Communication Relations Head. A publishing house that produces books would also have editors to edit text and bring in efficacy in publishing. Not only in print publication but also in electronic media and the Internet, you would find journalists busy communicating ideas, information, and comments to the audience or the public in general.

How Demanding is Journalism?
Easily said than done, getting a satisfying hardcore journalism job is not easy for a fresher even with a regular diploma or degree in journalism. The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has pointed out that entry level jobs are quite less compared to the student demand in Australia. With journalism branching off to various jobs related to communication and public relation, most students with less writing experience get jobs in advertising or mass communication. In that angle, traditional journalistic jobs are few.

Centre of Advanced Journalism at Melbourne University however points out that growing popularity of electronic media, such as television and video, Internet communication, and social media has made the journalism even more a vied career option. Many students want to become Academic Journalists, Journalism Lecturer, Social Media Editors, Blog and Article writers, and Television Journalists.

How to Hunt for Opportunities?
Even though difficult to compete in this competitive world, a fresh graduate in journalism can build up a lucrative career that provides job satisfaction as well as monetary rewards. Job sites in Australia and local newspapers have dedicated columns for trainee journalists for entry-level jobs. At Melbourne or Sydney regular freelance writers are required to work part-time in the evening. Internships in journalism in small but new media outlets often give the required writing and communication experience that journalist need.

Many media hubs dedicated for specialized subjects, such as finance or insurance seek junior reporters to write news items on that subject. Although the starting salary could be around 40,000 AUD, yet such entry-level varied journalistic jobs provide the much needed break for new entrants. Some become interns for a magazine, Corporate Affairs worker, Media co-coordinator, Publicists, or interns in the editorial team of a news agency.

Specialist Jobs and Careers in Journalism
Most journalists make an edge over the others by taking up unique and specialist jobs in their career. A broadcast journalist would need to provide eye-catching news each day. On television, a journalist like this stature would gain immense popularity just like a TV star. He or she would need to meet powerful people, ask questions to seek specific answers, and analyze particular news as well.

New journalism jobs, such as those in the digital media have some avenues which are yet to be explored. For instance, one could be a writer or a content co-coordinator for viral marketing which often becomes a major source for communicating with the mass. Many content distribution networks offer journalism jobs to freelancers to publish articles and allow the readers to vote for them. If you are a good writer, communicate well with the mass, and think independently, you could definitely enjoy the limelight in such social networking sites. Often, journalist writers of such skill are hired by corporate giants to promote their products.

In short, journalism jobs are not limited to reporting, editing, or writing feature articles. Digital journalism jobs include a many aspects apart from writing skills. Today, it is just not enough to get a university degree on journalism but to get valuable work experience to know the practical world and get a hands-on training for the same.

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