Carpentry Australia Is a great idea!
I love the fact that I was able to travel the world and see another country, simply by being a carpenter! Carpentry Australia jobs are all over the internet and I found myself getting involved in so many different experiences when I travelled to Australia! There was a job in Sydney that required a lot of help in rebuilding a lot of their pet enclosures so I thought this was exactly the job for me! After doing a bit of extra research on some pets (as I would have to look after some) I soon was prepared and got ready to do my job!

The family were very polite and offered me a free room which was a great way to save me a bit of money. They showed me their animals that needed attention and I was able to look after each of them individually from time to time as they weren't as hard to care for as I actually thought they would be. I even offered to do a bit of cleaning around the house which was fairly simple work and they gave me plenty of opportunity to do some extra chores. But the main thing I was there to do was help build animal enclosures! We would get a fair bit of work done each day and it took us a few weeks to really get things together! But when we did they looked amazing and I was extremely happy to have been able to complete the work for them!

Do yourself a favour and experience different cultures and jobs and allow yourself the time to go to Australia and speak to people who want to do carpentry Australia jobs! The time and experience you will have will astound you!

Carpenter Job in Australia

Working the hard yards with a Carpenter Job in Australia
By Pascal Butron

Being a carpenter has always been hard work but it's something that I have enjoyed for many years. I was lucky enough one year for my carpentry work though to actually take me overseas, and this was able to give me a great insight into seeing how things worked on the other side of the world. I had seen some positions advertised online for some work in Australia and I jumped at the opportunity! One such opportunity saw me having to go to Adelaide as they needed people to build some new enclosures for a rabbit farm. This sounded interesting so after applying I waited a few weeks, only to hear back that I had gotten the job! I was excited, and soon on a plane to Adelaide.

When I got there I was shown around the property and it was pretty large for a rabbit farm! I would be given free accommodation for my services and was shown to my room which was quite nice. One other thing that I would have to do is get up early and help with the feeding and care of the animals, as well as do some other cleaning around the house. This didn't bother me one bit though to be honest as it's something I was used to back home. I just had to get used to seeing so many rabbits! The owners gave me a tour of the farm and showed me around what actually needed to be done and the current hutches and enclosures were quite worn and really needed a good servicing! I sat down with them and mapped out some potential ideas for new enclosures and it was soon time to get to work.

After a long day at the hardware store getting all the wood and tools we needed, we returned home to knuckle down on our plan to build the enclosures. We would start by getting the wood we needed and drawing up a shape that we then would assemble to ensure it was correct. It was a fairly simple process after we got the hang of it, and having 2 people there to do it was also pretty easy. We would try and average to do one enclosure a day which was pretty important as my stay was only going to be for a month and they had about 30 enclosures that needed to be redone! On some days we would work extra hard and get 2 a day done, but these were generally the smaller ones. It would then take a bit of time obviously to put things like straw and food in the new enclosures and then we would have to transport all the rabbits into them so that they could get used to it. Finding wood that the rabbits didn't want to chew on was also a bit of a hard thing to find, but we got there in the end!

So I could never have imagined that I would be working with rabbits of all creatures to actually help build them houses! But I did, and I had a great time, so you should consider doing the same and learning to enjoy your time as a carpenter!

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