Apprenticeships/Traineeships: An Alternative to Full Time Permanent Employment

It’s now widely known that the number of full time permanent jobs is in steady decline. International events and economic uncertainty have forced businesses to control expenditure, leading to workers being laid off, especially in factories facing tough times.

The days of relying on a steady full time job are slowly giving way to reality in a job market, which is increasingly reorienting itself to Apprenticeships/Traineeships in order to meet the needs of a changing job market.

These positions are becoming attractive in part due to their practical nature which is considered by some to be more advantageous in securing employment. This is in comparison to university education which imparts theoretical knowledge but no means to apply them in the real world.

In this respect, apprentices and trainees have the upper hand over university graduates. The Australian educational system has long since woken up to the potential of Apprenticeships/Traineeships in the curriculum in order to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s job market.

It is possible that Apprenticeships/Traineeships might carry out what university education presumably has not accomplished, that is preparing students for a changing job market.