Graphics design is a very popular subject today that is studied by students from arts and the computing faculty. Not only print publication, but web journals, sites, and brochures hire graphic designers to create brilliant pictorial sites, pictures, and images.

Graphic Design is Evolving and Integrating Other Web Technologies in the Process
Thousands of jobs are created each day in Australia that look for Graphic Designers – fresher or experienced. Each day hundreds of sites are created or edited by the designers. With Web 2.0 sites, social media websites, and other interactive media coming up, the graphic designers are in great demand nowadays.

Successful designers are those who keep learning and evolving as new technologies are being created. New ideas integrating these technologies help in making 3D images, 3D motion pictures, and lot more.

Studying Graphic Design
Vocational institutes, such as TAFEs offer Certificate courses, Diploma, or Advanced diploma in Graphics Design. Once completed, the students can either study further in the colleges or universities and take up a Bachelor course in the subject or start working.

Students must be Year 12 qualified to study at a vocational institute. International students must have an IELTS score of 5.5 as well. Often, students are required to furnish a portfolio on designs and graphical work.

Topics Studied by Graphic Designers
Pictorial representation is a must for graphic designers. They not only learn about design skills on the latest 2D and 3D technologies, but also learn visual communication, typographic design solutions, illustrations, mass print media advertisements. The programs also include managing colours, manipulating complex layouts, and developing cascading style sheets.

These are not only theoretical tutorials but laced up with practical workshops as well. The students need to create their own portfolio of various design elements. During job interviews, the designs help immensely.

Career-Oriented Option with Internships

Graphic design is taught in technical institutes, colleges, and universities. A definite pathway to study further is available for international students. Those who wish to take up jobs can apply to numerous internship programs available in Australia.

For instance, a student with a Bachelor of Arts degree or those studying design and marketing can apply for a traineeship at a popular web marketing and web solutions firm. The interns will be taught to work with strategic business solutions and Web Magnet Technology.

The practical experience will help the students to know about a brand image campaign, responsive layouts in websites, and mobile sites. If you have a valid IELTS score and a qualifying academic qualification, you can book your place.

Online Brilliance

The popularity of graphics design is due to its work in the online media. As web technologies are growing, designers in this field are here to stay. Moreover, it is possible to complete tasks online. There are many online internships catering to graphics design. The interns need to log in to an intranet, work with sophisticated software tools, and complete tasks in their home PCs.

If you want to study a course or work as an intern on imaging, picture editing, or design works, you can write to our student counsellor for suggestions and information.

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