Travel Jobs in Australia

Apply and find a travel job in Australia

There are numerous short-term travel jobs in Australia for people visiting on a Working Holiday Visa. These jobs are especially for those visitors who intend to enjoy Australia by staying for a longer time than a tourist and prefer to earn a living to fend a part or whole of their travel expenses.

Travellers can enjoy at least 6 months to 1 year long holiday on a Working Holiday visa. A Tourist visa also allows tourists to enjoy their stay in Australia. However, it does not entitle them to work or study.

Travel Counsellors
If you are looking for a job in Australia, the Go To Australia counsellors can be of an immense help. From helping you to get a job as per your qualification and career needs, our counsellors also assist you in the following ways:

  • Informing you on the type of visa you require to work in Australia
  • Assisting you to submit your visa application form correctly
  • Informing you on accommodation – often tips on free stay are provided
  • Advising you on how to manage your finances
  • Helping you to settle comfortably when you arrive in Australia

Types of Jobs for International Travellers
There are short term jobs available all throughout the year while there are some which are available only during certain time of the year. Here are some popular jobs you can work as an international traveller:

  • Farming jobs – these are mostly seasonal jobs, such as fruit picking, sorting and packaging. Animal care work at dairy farms is often seasonal when shearing and mustering are required to be done. Cleaning jobs are however, available all year around.
  • Tourism and Hospitality jobs – these are also seasonal jobs where various resorts seek helpers to help them in tourism and hospitality chores. For instance, you can work as a house-keeping staff or at the front desk.
  • Jobs in Travel Agencies – these are jobs where travel agencies require staff to manage various tours. If you are versatile in a particular sport, you can be a part of the sports team organized by the travel agency.
  • Jobs in Cruises – these are jobs that require helpers to assist the shipping staff. The helpers need to travel as a part of the crew and go on long cruises for months. If you enjoy the sea and long cruising trips, such jobs are a good way to check out various spots in Australian waters and earn a good living.
  • Online jobs – these are web-based jobs that help travellers to complete their task even when they are on the move. Travel writers, freelance web marketers, web analysts and graphic designers are some people who can take up such net-based jobs when travelling in Australia.
  • Au pair jobs – these are jobs where the primary objective of the Au Pair is to look for free accommodation. If you can look after kids and do some basic housework, Au Pair jobs can be a useful one. Others in this category are Edu-pair, nanny, pet-sitter, and house sitter jobs.

Other types of jobs are voluntary jobs where travellers, often students earn experience rather than money. Wwoofing projects or eco projects jobs are often voluntary. Many visit Australia’s countryside to teach in various schools.

Do you want to start work in Australia as soon as you arrive? Write to our job counsellor specifying your qualification and interest to get a suitable job organized for you or check jobs for you in Australia.