Student Jobs in Australia

Short-Term Jobs: A Novel Way to Study, Earn, and be on the Move

International students often take up short-term jobs, such as work as a part-time waiter, data-entry operator, assistant language teacher, or call center operator. Some travelers also work as Au pair in Australia, perform pet sitting chores, or volunteer at a farm house while traveling at Australia outback. Few others look for casual jobs to earn their pocket expenses during gap year or while completing their internship program.

Farm Jobs
Rustic life in Australia is quite popular just like the life in the cities. Travelers who wish to taste both rural and urban life in the country need to stay on for some time. As getting a steady flow of cash can be difficult if you plan to holiday in Australia for one season, many look for farm jobs such as fruit picking, animal care work at dairy farms, and tasks needed to be done during harvesting, and so on to make money.

Many solo travelers, who are keen to mingle with the natives and make friends while traveling, work as volunteers at organic farms. In Australia such short term jobs are quite popular and engaging. The traveler would generally get free accommodation for the night and complimentary meals for doing the voluntary service. You may connect with us to get such jobs easily.

Tourism and Hospitality Jobs
Looking for cruising in a luxury yacht can often be a distant dream for a traveler with a modest budget. But, if you are ready to work as well, especially in the tourism or hospitality sector, you can fend for such traveling expenses. For instances, there are many plush restaurants or bars which require stewards and bartenders to cater to the guests. Similar jobs are available in resorts and guest houses. You can work for few months and enjoy your holiday at the plush city or beach where the hotel is situated.

Some diehard travelers who love the blue ocean waters, set sail for long cruises. They pick up casual jobs for doing the daily chores required to maintain the ship. When the ship docks at the port, they enjoy their short sojourn at the place along with other tourists. The short-term jobs in the cruise liner would be a job at the front desk, casinos and spas, galley, and restaurants.

Teaching English Jobs
If you have acquired the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification, you can apply for teaching English while staying abroad. These are often long term jobs as well. However, you can look for temporary jobs in various schools and colleges to teach the language. If you have some experience in teaching the language, you can take up jobs at K-12 level as well.

In Australia there is ample opportunities to work part-time and for a short-time depending what you prefer to do. Some opt for baby-sitting or pet sitting while some enjoy outback areas. Many take up jobs at boat houses near the Australian beaches to enjoy water sports. So, plan your itinerary intelligently and take up short term jobs to earn your travel.

Student Jobs Australia

"Transitioning to an International Student during the recession."
Most graduates of the year 2011 find themselves unemployed and underqualified. In this economic recession, a bachelor's degree isn't considered as valuable in the work place as it once was. Employers are expecting a lot more from recent graduates, yet willing to pay less than a typical receptionist salary. It's a tough market out there, and graduates have to be prepared to compete with more than just a bachelor's degree and a few internship experiences here and there.

So how does a recent graduate compete in the job market in Australia?

Obtaining an international degree is a great way to receive recognition from prospective employers. It's unique and stands out from the typical applicant. Obtaining an international degree can open many doors in a variety of fields because it shows an individual with cross-cultural communication skills and an ability to work outside of their comfort zone.

"Last year, I've decided to use this economic recession to my advantage by studying in Australia. I'm certain that my postgraduate degree in Journalism will enhance my resume and benefit me in the long run during my job search. Instead of sulking in self pity because you can't find a job after graduation, why not utilise your "gap year" in an extraordinary way by studying in Australia? Not only is the weather over there a tourist's dream come true, with its tropical climate and sunny skies year round, but the unemployment rate is a lot lower in Australia too compared to other countries, including the U.S. Furthermore, your Australian degree will be recognised in many countries once you graduate, especially the U.S.

Thus, there is no need to worry about whether or not your Australian degree will be accredited or worthy of recognition. In short, there's no better time to become an international student than right now. "

Laura from Germany

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Students and their dependants can apply for permission to work after their course commences, and are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week whilst the course is running.

During semester breaks you are allowed to work full-time with this visa. If a student is completing a Masters degree or a Doctorate family members have unrestricted work rights. To keep a student visa the student must maintain 80% attendance and fulfil course requirements.

Please note, Employers and Employing Agencies accept your application in many cases only if you

• hold the correct Visa which gives you the right to work in Australia.
• are already in the country
• have the correct tax file number.

Please use these guidelines before making appointments with employment agencies and employers. Australien-Ausbildung (AA) can give you guidance on how to proceed most effectively.

The National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) is an Australian Government organisation to assist Australian institutions to recognise qualifications from overseas.
Often it is a process of weeks to get a response. Australien-Ausbildung (AA) will assist you to get the recognition you require as soon as possible.

We have personal experience to get the recognition you require and also provide you with a free counselling service.

Australia has several recruitment companies world-wide that provide career counselling and can connect graduates with prospective employers. In many large corporations you will find in-house graduate recruitment services who will highly value graduates with international experiences.

As an international student you have the opportunity to attend returning-home seminars provided by Australian universities and higher education institutions that help you to find employment entry in your home country, including job search facilities.

Did you know that the skilled migration programme has been set up by the Australian Government to allow people with skills that are in demand to settle in Australia and contribute to the Australian economy?

International students with Australian qualifications make up approximately 50% of the applicants for the skilled migration programme. There is still high demand in occupations like information technology, nursing and accounting. In order to be admitted to this programme, you will need to pass a points test and satisfy basic requirements: a maximum age limit of 45, English language proficiency, post-secondary school qualifications or work experience relevant to your nominated occupation. If you hold Australian qualifications you will receive points in addition.

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