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Australian universities are known worldwide for their teaching excellence. Vocational courses, college education, and internships programs also attract thousands of young students from all parts of the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. However, meeting the expenses can be a little tough for many.

Surveys show that studying in Australia is quite expensive. An International student has to meet tuition and living costs in order to get world standard education. There are study tours, projects, and non-paid internships where students must have the financial support to avail them.

Here are some ways in which expenses can be tackled by students. Australia has scope that allows students to study diverse subjects.

The choice of the institutes are also many. You can study long term semester-wise courses or short-term training courses in Australia and manage your finances accordingly.

Top universities offer scholarships for meritorious Post-Graduate students for specific courses and research work. Scholarships can be government sponsored or funded by companies. Special government sponsored funds are available to international students studying long-term courses that have 2-to- 4 semesters, such as Masters and teacher’s training program. There are scholarships awarded for short-term research work as well.

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We can give you comprehensive advice on scholarships

By enrolling in an Australian education institute via us, you will receive our support and assistance in trying to find you a Scholarship. Scholarships are provided by many education providers and cover part or all of the tuition fees and are open to students who are currently studying, or are planning to study in Australia. They are based on the individual and will be assessed during tests, which Australian and international students take together. There are only a few scholarship places available for international students and you may face strong competition. To be awarded a scholarship your academic achievements and your overall activities will be considered.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, please ensure that you meet the selection criteria for specific scholarships, you fully understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship, and that you apply by the closing date specified.

Scholarships are offered by the Australian government, students' home-country governments, Australian education institutions and private organisations.

Please note, that we can only assist you with your scholarship if you:

  • Applied and received an offer via us
  • Are not a permanent resident of Australia
  • Are a full-time student in Australia and have not yet started studies at an institute, or have had an internal transfer within the institute.
  • Send us the relevant documentation such as academic results and relevant paperwork.

We provide multiple programs free of charge for international students, if they appoint us as their agent. Simply submit your application to us. Students receive free of charge information on Australian education institutions. Either select your courses and study locations or ask for more information. Based on this, students will receive a list of institutes that are best suitable for them within a short period. Therefore students will save valuable searching time.

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