Australian Institute South Australia


Australian Institute South Australia is the newest arm of the long established Perth Institute Western Australia. It has newly appointed premises in the heart of the city and is only one street away from bustling Rundle Mall, the main shopping precinct in the city. Institute staff can assist with home stay
placement or recommend other viable options.

Adelaide is a brilliant blend of opportunities for international students, with a booming economy, affordable living costs, excellent education opportunities and many jobs on offer.

South Australia is situated in the southern central part of the Australian mainland and is bordered by the majority of other states.

Adelaide is the capital and the majority of people live near and around this lovely city, which is close to beautiful beaches and the Adelaide hills. Boasting a Mediterranean style climate with warm to hot summers and mild to
cool winters, Adelaide is named as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Multicultural and sporting, Adelaide has many world-class restaurants and wineries and hosts numerous major sporting events and festivals. It has an excellent public transport system with cheaper housing and rental than
other states. In fact the general cost of living is lowest in Adelaide.
leading to exciting careers and university degrees

Leading to exciting careers and university degrees