Universal Institute of Technology (UIT) is one of the top institutes that provide various types of English courses and vocational courses at par with international standard for international students. About 300 domestic students and around 400 international students from various parts of the globe study in the institute in small groups of 12-to14 students. Noted for imparting courses that are pathway to top universities in Australia, UIT is a much sought-after institute for students planning to study abroad in the country.
UIT allows students to take up

  • English preparatory courses in morning or afternoon session or
  • Job-oriented courses during the afternoons or weekends.

The timing has been set to suit the students who have been working or looking forward to work during the off-study hours.
UIT is located in Melbourne at the city central area with cafes, eateries, and markets adjacent to it. It is just 2 minutes walk to Melbourne Central.
The ambience at UIT is friendly, cosmopolitan, yet competitive. Foreign students are given utmost scope to learn and flourish in the institute. Experienced teachers are readily available to provide useful suggestions and tips at all times. The school maintains a strict English-only culture, thereby giving the non-English speaking students a scope to practice communicating only in English. A small class of not-more-than 18 students allows student-teacher interaction to be personal and detailed.

UIT has provision for student accommodation. There are student apartments available with single and twin share rooms. Students under 18 years are given home-stay facilities. Students under 18 years, studying English for High School course, are permitted to stay with the host families. UIT monitors the welfare arrangements and inspections on a regular basis to ensure secured and comfy accommodation of the students studying abroad in the institute.
Courses offered by UTI are accredited by Australian Quality Training Framework. Consequently, the programs not only meet international standards but are also catered to the needs to the industrial requirements. The courses also ensure smooth transition for higher studies in the universities.
Courses in English include:

  1. General English (morning classes or afternoon classes)
  2. English for Academic Purposes/IELTS Exam Preparation(morning classes or afternoon classes)
  3. English for High School(morning classes only)
  4. Certificate IV in TESOL(intensive day classes)
  5. Certificate II in ESL (weekend classes)
  6. Certificate III in ESL (weekend classes)
  7. Certificate IV in ESL (weekend classes)

Vocational courses include:

  1. Certificate IV in Business (Evening classes Mo-Thu, or weekend classes)
  2. Diploma of Management(Evening classes Mo-Thu, or weekend classes)
  3. Advanced Diploma of Management(Evening classes Mo-Thu, or weekend classes)
  4. Diploma of Interactive Digital Media(weekend classes)

To study any of these courses, the student must attain at least 18 years of age or 14 years in case the program is catered to a high school student. The student must also meet the academic requirements as well as requirement for English proficiency.
If you want to take up any of these pathway-to-university courses, please contact us for further information.