CIC - Cambridge International College Australia

Cambridge International College has campuses in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. With courses available for international students and for those new to Australia and the English Language. There are English language and Vocational courses available, all study options are designed to help international students become more employable in Australia and to help gain them entry into the Higher Education system.

Courses are taught by qualified, experienced and professional teachers who want nothing more then for their student to succeed. All teachers are experienced in working with the needs of non English speaking students, many are even fluent in other languages.

Different Vocational courses are offered at each campus. At the Melbourne campus Vocational courses available include:

* Automotive Mechanical Technology

* Community Welfare

* Business Front Line Management

* Hairdressing

* Business Marketing

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

The Adelaide campus offers Vocational courses such as:

* Community Welfare

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

The Perth campus offers Vocational courses including:

* Community Welfare

* Business Marketing

* Graphic Pre Press / Multi Media

* Hospitality Management

Vocational Courses are designed to help international students learn a trade and gain employment in a specific area. It provides the students with the skills required to work in Australia as well as teaching them how to gain employment.

Cambridge International College has English courses available at each campus. These courses are available in study blocks which begin in January, Febuary, March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November. Each course runs for a different amount of time, with some courses available to study Part Time as well as Full Time.

English Courses available include:

* General Purposes English

* English for Academic Purposes

* Business Purposes English

* Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation


* IELTS Exam Preparation ( available both full and part time )

On completion of an English course, the student will be awarded with a Cambridge Certificate stating successful completion of the course.

If you are interested in studying with Cambridge International College contact one of the friendly staff at AA Education for further information.