Cairns Business College

The Cairns Business College (CBC) is Queensland’s oldest business college and hence it is a prestigious institute of higher education. It offers high standards of learning in an environment that concentrates on academic success and technological brilliance. International students can benefit from the CBC as it is a non-profit making college. It is run for the benefit of its students. This college has produce many successful graduates throughout the years.

The campus is modern and visually appealing. The CBC easily fits in with its surrounding natural environment that is unique in Australia. Its facilities are designed for the purposes of education. The college has computer laboratories; internet access; email boxes for private use; language and shorthand laboratories, and tutorial rooms. In addition to this there are also hospitality training rooms and a hospital computer laboratory. Students have access to a library and self-access resource centre. There is also a travel centre and student recreation areas. International students can be helped with the college’s language and shorthand laboratory.

When international students experience learning at the CBC they will discover that the programs and people make the place a great opportunity to grow in and out of class. Students are from many different backgrounds. They come to the college to discover and know themselves.

The college community commits itself to doing what is needed to help international students achieve their goals in education and personal development. When students complete their program at the CBC they will not only gain a qualification but also the knowledge of themselves and their abilities.


There are several ways students can get admitted to the CBC. Normally international students can be admitted if they completed the equivalent of grade 10, 11 or 12 of Australian secondary (high) school and have proof of their proficiency in English. All international students will be assessed for their ability to complete a program based on their proficiency level of English. They can also be admitted through special means by way of an Entrance test. Those who complete a program in the diploma or advanced diploma level can be eligible for acceptance into an Australian university.


In addition to submitting the admission form; proof of their English proficiency, and previous educational achievements international students pay an enrolment fee of AUD $180.00. The Admissions Officer will bring forward details of orientation before commencing their college program.

Tours and Interviews

Tours of the campus can be arranged by contacting our Admission Office . Visits after hours are conducted by appointment. International students can also call the Admission Office to arrange for a personal interview.