We are looking for part-time student advisors!

Education and study counselors/advisers help young people and adults to find their way through education and training opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

Study advisors support the future students in decision-making and in the realization phase.

The activity of an education/ study advisor can take place mainly in the online area, but also information events can be carried out.

Job Description

Work Part-Time to advise students on all matters relating to studies in Australia and New Zealand and to help care for students planning to study in Australia or New Zealand.

The task area includes:

  • Personally help future participants to find a suitable course.
  • The administrative handling of the application formalities incl. The correspondence with the Australian and New Zealand institutes and the students, student visa application advice.
  • Advice on study programs and the formal processes of application and enrollment by e-mail in the students area of ‚Äčinterest.


Application criteria

  • High level of dedication, flexibility, organizational talent and experience in consulting and administration tasks.
  • Can speak and write English and German.
  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Be sociable.
  • Have foreign experience.
  • Have an ABN.
  • PC skills.
  • Own PC/Computer.
  • Reliable internet access.
  • Telephone accessibility and answering machine.
  • Enjoy being on the internet, working online and communicating via email.
  • Enjoyment of communicating via e-mail with students and colleagues.
  • The ability to structure administrative processes efficiently and handle them efficiently.
  • Work diligently, in particular with regard to tuition fees, billing and other financial matters.
  • Have own ideas, are proactive and creative with regard to online marketing.
  • Like to research online by themselves and to respond to customer enquiries daily.
  • Can express themselves in the Internet and like to write study related articles for publishing on our websites.



You will be paid on a commission basis.


How to Apply

Please inform yourself first about the Australian / New Zealand study system before you send your application by e-mail to us.

Please send applications by e-mail to: info@gotoaustralia.com.au