Study Costs Australia for International Students

Tuition fee and other costs must be calculated if you are studying in Australia as an International student.

Study Costs Australia

The costs of studying in Australia depend on the education provider and the level you chose to study.

As an international student, your tuition fees are payable before you study.
Generally there are additional costs on top of your tuition fee, including course materials. On top of that you also need to calculate living costs.

Below is just an indication of the range of fees for different types of qualifications:

Calculate your expenses!

Find out how to manage your cost and where you will be needing money. Tuition fees, living cost, and travel are vital categories.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Cost of Living and Budgeting

For all students in Australia it is important to budget, it's even more important for international students. International students who hold a student visa in Australia are only permitted to work part time, part time employment is only 40 hours maximum a fortnight. There is not alot of well paid part time employment readily available either. Unfortunately for international students they are not entitled to Australia's welfare programs.

Budgeting is essential with bills to pay including rent, utilities, transport and food it may be the only option to find work. Remember however full time tertiary study does need to be the first priority.

Research before you arrive

It is essential to research before arriving in Australia. There are so many things to consider, including rental prices, tuition fees, book costs, transport, utilities and still being able to feed your self at the same time. Higher education will offer mean further expenses including compulsory excursions which will need to be paid for.

The internet and government services will be able to assist the student in researching costs and the area where they will be renting. Always organise a rough budget before arriving in Australia, and be sure to have sufficient funds to support your self.

Cost of living is different in each city of Australia, if the student can not afford to live in one city then maybe applying at a University in a different part of Australia is a safer option. Also consider researching the different jobs available in the area as well to keep you on track with your personal budget.

Food and most other items in Australia have the addition of goods and services tax or GST, this means 10% is added to the price of foods. GST is monitored by the ACCC or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, this ensures customers are not being over charged.

Put your self on a budget

A budget consists of making an estimate of the students weekly living allowances. It includes the students weekly income and then taking out of it weekly living expenses.

Most utility bills will either be mailed out to the student monthly or every three months, the student can divide the estimate of the bills total into weekly cost. Add these costs along with food, transport and any other living expenses.

Once all the information is written down subtract the expenses from the income, the remainder is what is left in the students bank account each week. If there isn't anything left over then it is essential to try and find a way to cut back expenses. Phone bills are usually the biggest expense for international students, it may pay to call the phone company the line is connected with to discuss the best plan for their usage.


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