Undergraduate Australia - Undergraduate in Australia

Undergraduate Australia - Undergraduate in Australia

Undergraduate Study in Australia

  1. It is recommended that international students seek advice from Australien-Ausbildung about meeting these requirements before applying for admission to selected courses.
  2. Many institutions offer preparatory studies, also known as bridging or foundation courses, to help meet academic entry requirements.
  3. Some courses may also have certain pre-requisite subjects.
  4. Bachelor-Undergraduate courses require an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent of Australian high school matriculation.
  5. Students completing an undergraduate course of study will be awarded a Diploma or Bachelor's Degree.

Bachelor's degree

  1. Three to four years of full-time study
  2. Provides the knowledge and skills for work in specialist areas.
  3. A Bachelor program usually offers the opportunity to select areas of specialisation (majors).
  4. Bachelor degrees are often the first step toward further advanced studies.

Bachelor with Honours

To qualify for an Honours program, students must achieve sufficient results in their Bachelor's degree. Those students planning to go on to higher research are usually required to complete an Honours degree. Students wishing to extend their study with research experience or in depth study on a specific topic, complete an Honours year after their initial Bachelor degree.

An Honours year typically involves a mixture of course work and a research project.


Certificates usually take one semester to complete full-time and can be studied part-time over one or two years. A Certificate is a qualification that gives extra skills in a specific industry or profession. Many certificates only require completion of Year 10 studies however, some certificates require more advanced prior studies.


A Diploma is usually more intensive than a Certificate but still provides skills and knowledge directly relevant to workplace activities. Diplomas generally require completion of Year 12.

Undergraduate Courses Australia

Undergraduate Australia Studies

When looking into Australian Universities, you will notice there are Undergraduate courses and Post graduate courses. The answer is in the name, You study Undergraduate courses first and then go onto Post graduate for masters and doctoral courses.

 All Universities throughout Australia offer Undergraduate courses which can be studied per unit, full time at University or as some Universities will offer online learning or study via correspondence.

 There are many different Undergraduate courses on offer, subject area's include Business and Management, Hotel, Food and Tourism, Creative Arts Design and Communication, Computing and IT, Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Education, Engineering, Health, Sciences, Agriculture and the Environment, Architecture and Law. You can do a Bachelor in one of these vast subjects and major in a special area of your interest.

 Undergraduate courses will vary in length with the subject you have chosen to study. Alot of the Business and Management courses will run from 1 to 2 years where as alot of the more specialist science courses can run from 3 to 4 years. Also depending on your study mode and pass rate, if you do not pass a unit and your end of semester or year mark falls below average you will have to repeat that unit the following year meaning you will be studying for longer. If you have chosen to study part time or via correspondence it may also take longer for you to complete your course.

For international student wishing to study in Australia it is a good idea to look into institutes who offer scholarships as well to help pay your education fund. Australia is a great place to study with top of the range education institutes, top lecturers, and internationally recognised awards after completion of your course, and an Undergraduate course would make a great beginning to your journey in Australian Higher Education.

Undergraduate Study Australia

Undergraduate: Students applying for a Bachelor or any other undergraduate course are required to submit secondary school certification and transcripts  (report cards) of their final examinations. The certification should be compiled by a school official such as the principal/ headmaster.

This form should describe you the context of your entire school experience in relation to the other students in your class. Admission committees will be interested in discovering the manner in which you have performed in your own education system.

The school report should address your accomplishments and state the chance for success in studies at an university-level.

Australia receives a rising number of international students every year from more than 140 countries who pursue their studies in university’s, colleges, institutes and schools.

Why choose to study in Australia?

  • Quality – Australia’s education system is rated one of the best in the world
  • Highly regarded – qualifications are highly recognized by most potential
    employers and institutes for students looking for employment or seeking further studies.
  • Variety of Courses - A lot of institutions offer a wide range of course majors and are of quality delivery.
  • Security- Students are well protected by the law and are assured of the best security amenities available.
  • Costs-Competition on tuition fees from institutions insure that costs are kept as low as possible. Low cost of living also helps students return good value for their money.
  • Life in Australia- with a neat and stable environment, great climate conditions and friendly people, international students should find this a life experience worth told admirably.
  • inter racial society-Australia has a multicultural society. Students should find settling in easy.
  • Assistance-Australia offers many possible means of support to international students.
  • Employment/traveling-Students are provided with work/travel opportunities


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