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Bachelor Degree in Australia

A Bachelor Degree in Australia is generally an Undergraduate Course offered through a University or other Higher Education provider, like some TAFE's or Colleges. It can also be the name of a Postgraduate Course which is also offered through Australian Universities or other Higher Education provider.

Bachelor Degrees will go for three years full time study and is generally completed after a student has completed Year 12 at High School and is the first course you will study in your University journey.

There can also be the addition of Honours which will help you finish Masters Degrees quicker if you choose to go on to this. Honours will mean an extra year of study at University. Honours are generally for those who wish to go down the track of studying a Postgraduate course in the future.

Bachelor Australia - Bachelor in Australia

Bachelor Australia - Study a Bachelor Degree in Australia

Bachelor Degree Requirements

Bachelor in Australia

Most students will wish to go on to University for higher educational studies. A lot of school leavers after successful completion of Year 12 will apply for a Bachelor Degree in an Undergraduate Course at an Australian University.

Bachelor Degree's go for three years of full time studies how ever some campus will offer their Bachelor Degree's which can be studied part time or in units for flexible learning.

Flexible learning is becoming more and more popular due to the increase in Mature Age applicants who may wish to work at the same time or who have families to care for at home.

Bachelor Degree's are so popular due to the range of different subjects that can be studied, including specialist or broader subjects in fields such as Business, The Arts, Education, Science, Information Technology, Communication, Media the list goes on.
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If there is a subject that is wished to be studied no doubt it will be a Bachelor Degree.

After completion of the Degree there will be the opportunity to go on and study a Graduate Certificate and Diploma also through University to help clarify your new found skills.

Bachelor Degrees in Australia - When commencing an Undergraduate course in an Australian University, you will be most likely to be studying a Bachelor Degree.

Bachelor degree (pass): initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate study, involving a minimum of three years full-time study. Entrance requires completion of an Australian Secondary School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or overseas equivalent, a Diploma or Advanced Diploma.

Bachelor degree (honours): may be taken as an additional year following the third year or awarded on achievement in degrees of four years or more.

To be able to gain access into a Bachelor Degree you will require successful completion of Year 12, have studied in a relative field and have significant work experience in the field you are wishing to study, or be of mature age and willing to undertake a Going Back to Study course which many Universities provide.

You will be studying full time for 3 years which includes 6 semesters of full time study. A Bachelor Degree will help prepare you for your future career, giving you the skills you will require in your chosen field as well as preparing you for Postgraduate courses if you wish to go on to this.

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