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Graduate Certificate Courses in Australia

After completing a Bachelor degree in a college, many aspiring students study further in a university by taking up a Graduate Certificate course. A Graduate Certificate course can help students to add immense value to their career prospects.

Graduate Certificate Australia - Graduate Certificate in Australia

Graduate Certificate in Australia

Most Australian University students will finish their studies after completion of their Bachelor Degree in an Undergraduate Course.

How ever the opportunity for further study is available for those that are keen and interested.

This further study is found in the way of the Graduate Certificate, this course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to broaden the knowledge and skills they learnt in their Bachelor Degree as well as providing them with the vocational skills and knowledge that will be required of them in a professional workplace.

A six month full time University course, which is available in many fields. This sort of course is especially useful for those who studied a broader subject in their Bachelor Degree for example those who studied a Bachelor of Business, may like to specialise and say do a Graduate Certificate in Property Management.

Having a Graduate Certificate in this sort of situation is quite a useful tool to have, and if the student is keen to study further there is a Graduate Diploma also available to study.

Graduate Certificate Australia: A Short yet Intensive Advanced Study on Industry-Based Skill

Graduate Certificate: A Short yet Intensive Advanced Study on Industry-Based Skill
In Australia, education is classified under various levels as per quality standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Out of a total of 10 levels, Level 8 signifies Graduate Certificate program.

Graduate Certificate
The courses are designed to provide an advanced level of knowledge in a particular skill that a student had studied in his or her undergraduate level. In other words, it allows a student to study a specialized subject at an even greater detail – possibly making him or her ready for the industry. Universities generally offer Graduate Certificate courses.

Graduate Certificate / Diploma: for broadening skills and knowledge gained in an undergraduate course, or the gaining of vocational skills and knowledge in a new profession. The requirement is 6 months full-time study for a Graduate Certificate and 12 months full-time study for a Graduate Diploma. Entrance requires a Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma and may also be accessed in part by recognition of prior learning.

Graduate Certificate is basically meant to broaden practical and theoretical knowledge of a skill or knowledge studied in the Bachelor level. Generally, students need to study 6 months full-time to qualify for this certificate. There are options where students can study part-time as well.

Although, undergraduate studies are a must, students not having academic qualifications in the same field can still study a Graduate Certificate course. However, the students must have adequate work experience in the related field.

Study or Work Further
Many students specialize in a skill and learn a new profession altogether or get trained for better skills that can be used for vocational purposes in a Graduate Certificate program. After studying Graduate Certificate courses, students can either take up further studies, such as Graduate Diploma or go for professional jobs in the said area.

As this qualification is mostly based on practical knowledge and requirement needed in the industry, students can start work right away after successfully completing the course.