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Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest tertiary education institution. Today, it enjoys a strong reputation within the national and international academic community. Consequently, it is often the first choice preference for both domestic and international exchange students. This is hardly surprising considering the university offers a great variety of attractive benefits, for example:

  • Its located 10 minutes from Sydney’s CBD (central business district) and 20 minutes from Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach;
  • It offers a range of exciting onsite speciality shops, cafes, sports facilities, theatres, bars, societies, clubs and restaurants;
  • There are competitive onsite accommodation options available for students;
  • The University’s courses attracts some of the country’s brightest students and academics;
  • The AU$800 million spent on renovating the campus assures that students have access to the best and newest computers, facilities and support technologies;
  • It boasts one of Australia’s largest libraries which contain some of Australia’s rarest book collections;
  • The main building of the University of Sydney (known as the “Main Quad”) is one of Australia’s great architectural feats. It is a grand sand stone building, built in the gothic revival style with fantastical gargoyles and cloisters reminiscent of the esteemed Oxford University;
  • The grounds feature landscaped gardens which are bountiful with flowers and native trees, such as the magnificent Jacaranda Tree which blooms with delicate purple-flowers in spring time.

So, whether you’re attracted to the University of Sydney for its academic standing or its world-class facilities, you are sure to enjoy your studies surrounded by an impressive traditional setting at one of Australia (and the world’s) premier universities.

NEAS was thrilled to join the University Heroes launch at the University of Sydney’s Centre for English Teaching (CET). University Heroes is part of a wider effort  to  use digital technology as a way of engaging and enhancing the English Language learning experience for the contemporary student. University Heroes is a game application based on real international students who studied at CET. The scenarios symbolically represent global challenges students address through the quality English education they receive in Australia.  It also tests the player’s English speaking skills.

CET plans to release more scenarios for their University Heroes app in the future. Meanwhile, you can check out the current game through the iTunes and Android app stores.


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