When you arrive in Adelaide, you will be met at the Adelaide airport by either the International Students Coordinator (Accommodation), or your host family. You will then be taken to your new address and shown how to get to CELUSA.

An orientation day program is run for new students starting at CELUSA at the beginning of each module. On your first day you will be given a ‘Welcome to CELUSA’ orientation package with information about CELUSA programs, staff, facilities, safety issues, and some useful maps. You will also be introduced to the International Students Coordinator and Senior Counsellor who are able to assist you if any concerns arise during your time at CELUSA.

During orientation day you will be given a placement test, so we can place you in the class that will maximise your learning opportunites. On the first day of each module we provide a welcome lunch for all new students, following the placement test. This is a great opportunity to meet your teachers and fellow students.

On day two you will begin regular lessons in the class you have been allocated to. Class lists are posted outside reception. That afternoon you will be given a computer orientation session and provided with a new email address.

Students who complete a full module (5 weeks) receive a certificate of achievement, which outlines how many weeks they have studied at CELUSA, and their English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. At the end of every term (10 weeks) a farewell party is held for all students.