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Welcome to Curtin.

Wanting to make the most of your University experience?

Curtin University offers a wide variety of study options. Having over 815 courses available for undergraduate, post graduates and doctoral levels provides an extensive range of courses for all levels of education. Meet students from all over the world and encounter valuable skills. Receive assistance from our immense support services. Curtin is a superior and innovative University.

Why Curtin?

Acknowledged as a major education provider  in the international arena Curtin is a dynamic and ground braking University. The University is situated in Perth, a destination for business, entertainment, nightlife, culture together with an amazing relaxed atmosphere and modern facilities.

At Curtin University you will

  • Benefit from an internationally recognised education from a leading provider with strong ties to other institutions in the Asia Pacific region
  • Access tertiary training that is tailored to the needs of industry and the real world while preserving recognised academic excellence and practical, hands on experience
  • Connect into a strong, extensive international network of graduates from a variety of cultures and industries
  • Study in a supportive and challenging environment that offers flexible pathways and assistance to pursue your study goals
  • Enjoy living and studying in a major Australian capital among Australian and overseas students, withthe opportunity to develop lasting friendships


To enquire further and make and application to study at Curtin University, contact an AA Education Network counsellor today. Our counsellors are happy to help you make your overseas study dreams become real.

Curtin University of Technology/CRICOS Provider Code WA 00301J, NSW 02637B


Curtin has a highly regarded reputation in the international market, and has developed long-term relationships with over 30 education providers in the Asia Pacific region.

The University offers a distinctive international and cross-cultural education practice. Students become part of an international network that provides companionship, information and advice for a lifetime. As a result, Curtin graduates are well positioned to follow career opportunities abroad.


Courses at Curtin are as different and unique as our students. Worried about not qualifying to get in to course you want? Don’t worry Curtin can accommodate students by offering university entry ELICOS, English Language Bridging Course or Foundation Program.


Here we offer a range of assistant and services to help students adapt to  student/Australian life and make the most of their university experience.

Study Areas

Curtin offers a wide range of Study areas with over 815 courses offered for
Undergraduate, post graduates and doctoral levels some are these are;

Curtin Business School

Curtin Business School (CBS) offers courses that are flexible, relevant and tailored to meet the requirements of our vastly changing business environment.

Curtin business school is one of the largest and most innovative business school in the region with 21single majors and over 54 double majors within the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering are one of the primary faculties within Curtin University, with students enrolled in more than 200 courses at levels ranging from bachelor to doctoral. These include major areas such as Engineering, Agriculture, Computing, Mining, Physics, Chemistry, Mathsand Education.

Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences has a commitment to providing substantial practical facilities such as private practices, hospitals and specialist clinics established within the University Curtin has one of the largest and finest health science facilities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


Curtin University accommodate students interested in such courses as social sciences, architecture, design, mass communication, teaching, Asian languages, English, social work, art, construction, records management, library studies and multimedia design. Courses from the Faculty of Humanities are useful, creative and relevant to modern society.

About Perth

In Perth you will find a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and entertainment to keep you entertained. Whether it’s nature or the city life that you enjoy there is something for everybody including nightclubs, bush walk, pubs, cafes and eateries, galleries and wineries offering a mix of cultures and cuisines.

Australian Lifestyle

This section contains a brief overview on Australian customs, habits, lifestyle which are different to any other way of life. So you will know what to expect being an international student in Australia.


In Australia addressing someone in an informal manner by using their  first name is normal, where as in a business or formal circumstance  the use of titles such as Mr and Mrs, Ms and Dr followed by the  surname are appropriate.


Many Australians love is involved in sports by either participating or  following a desired sport. In Western Australia the most popular sports include Australian Rules Football (AFL) Rugby Legue, Cricket, tennis, netball and soccer and water sports due to the states fine  weather. For more information visit the Guild website.


Although  the majority of Australians speak English, it is different  from British or American English as our accent is unique and slang is  often used which can be difficult to understand.  Don't afraid to ask the people around you to explain their meaning, as people will be more than willing to convert their language for you.

Aussie Expressions

A lot of the Australian language has many unique and usual sayings. We often have a tendency to shorten ours words and although it may be a bit daunting you will pick it up and end up using a few yourselves in no time.

Flexible Study Options

Because all students are all different and have individual needs Curtin offers versatile study option. Want to study overseas or online? The choice is yours

Curtin Campuses

Having seven campuses in total in Western Australia as well as a campus in Sydney and Malaysia students get to choose where they would like to study. Bentley campus being the main campus offering a large selection of courses, the regional western Australian campuses specialize in fields such as bioscience and have on-campus farms and vineyards that students work with on a daily basis.


If you are an international student interested in studying at Curtin on exchange we offer StudyAbroad which is a student exchange service where students spend a semester or year living and studying overseas with study credits counting towards your final degree.

Online Study

If you prefer to work and study or even just study in the environment of your own home Curtin offers online study units where students learn and submit assignments via the internet. Being ranked the fourth best in the world and the top in Australia by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) this option is impressive.

Offshore Programs

Want to study in Sydney, Malaysia or even Singapore? Curtin has formed long-term relationships and has established three offshore campuses, so it’s possible for you to undertake your studies other than Australia. Programs can be attended on a full-time or part-time basis you prefer. Since the offshore campuses offer the same subjects and use the same materials as studying on-campus your getting the same
quality just in a different place.

Curtin culture

All through the year you will encounter a mixture of enlightening and cultural events. From orientation when you first arrive, to your graduation ceremony when you leave - you will never be board.


It is beneficial to learn as much as possible about Curtin and the Australian lifestyle before you arrive in Australia. All successful applicants receive a Pre-Departure Information Guide with their offer of a student place. The guide contains important and interesting information, and you are encouraged to read it.

Visas and Health Cover

Student Visa

International students require a student visa to study at Curtin (except other Temporary Resident visa holders).

Your student visa:

A student visa enables you to enter or re-enter Australia for the duration of your course. Is either entered directly into your passport or confirmed electronically (eVisa).

Health Cover

International students must obtain an overseas student health cover (OSHC) policy approved by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, from a registered health benefits organization. This is needed before arrival in Australian to cover your stay here this is a requirement of the Australian Government.

What does my OSHC cover?

Most OSHC plans cover 

  • Allow students to claim approximately 85 per cent of the fee for a standard medical consultation.

OSHC does not cover –

  • Dental treatment
  • Optical treatment
  • Physiotherapy

It is strongly advised that students take out additional health cover directly
with their provider to cover these services.

How long can I purchase OSHC for?

To eliminate the requirement for students to pay their health insurance premiums annually most providers offer OSHC for the duration of the student visa.

For more information, visit the Australian government's OSHC website.

These are some providers:

  • OSHC Worldcare
  • BUPA Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Medibank Private
  • Australian Health Management Group

Students with disabilities or medical conditions are strongly advised to discuss their individual requirements with the University before acceptance.

Support Services

Curtin University has a devoted International Organization to support and counsel future international students, and help with their transition from home to the Australian and University.

Whether its stratedgies, courses, cultural Curtin offers a range of off and on campus services and facilities to make sure you have a comfortable and exciting University experience.
Student Central

Student Central (Building 101) provides help and advice to international students during their studies.

The International Sponsored Student Unit (ISSU) also provides student advisory services for sponsored students.

To ensure that international students are pleased with their stay Curtin has coordinated Student Central (Building 101) which provides assistance and advice to
enrolled international students throughout their studies.

Curtin International Office would like sponsored international students to report to the ISSU in the International Office (Building 103) at Curtin's Bentley campus upon arrival. This is so the sponsored  student officer can meet with the students, make sure all information  is correct and up-to-date and provide vital information relating to  their studies. This is also to provide the student with the comfort  that there is someone they can talk to if they require support during their study.


Apply now to study at an Australia University.

Curtin University of Technology Information

Study In Australia Curtin University Of Technology

Department of Languages and Intercultural Education


  • Pre-departure
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Student Advisory
  • Studying under 18 years
  • English language support
  • Scholarships
  • Two staff who can help you with housing and accommodation
  • A qualified student advisor who is able to assist in academic, personal and cultural matters
  • Orientation programs for all DOLIE courses
  • Care for students studying under the age of 18 years

Courses - Facts about the courses

  • Award winning academic programs
  • undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • entry pathways leading to all Curtin courses

Course Areas:


Facts about English at Curtin

Curtin is a member of English Australia and accredited by the National ELICOS Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) Over 98% of English Language Bridging students progress to their chosen Curtin course Curtin is the Western Australian testing centre for the IELTS test and offers an alternative Curtin test, CUTE for entry
Curtin provides customised English language programs in order to meet speical requirements.

Foundation Studies - Fact about Foundation

• Offers both a standard (1 year) and Fast Track ( 6 months) course
• Flexible entry with a February and July intake for both modes of study
• Guaranteed placement on successful completion into your chosen course
• Award winning academic program
• Exclusive pathways to many Curtin undergraduate courses

Asian Languages / Asian Studies
Curtin offers a number of study options for students interested in studying Asian languages and Asian studies.

Undergraduate options
DOLIE offers an undergraduate program in Asian Studies that includes languages such as Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese and Korea. Languages studies can be combined with Asian cultural units to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies)

Language streams:

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean

More o

Curtin University of Technology offers interested students double degree options to broaden your career horizons. DOLIE offers degree combinations that complement the Asian studies course providing students with practical knowledge of Asian cultures and languages combined with:

  • Asian Studies and Commerce
  • Asian Studies and Environmental Biology
  • Health Promotion
  • Media and Information
  • Secondary Education
  • Honours Degree

 Postgraduate options

  • Communication in an Asian Context (Graduate Certificate)
  • Intercultural Communication (graduate Diploma)
  • Asian Languages (graduate Diploma)
  • Research degrees

 Intercultural Communication

Curtin offers a Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Communication for student wishing to further their studies in this area.

Research degrees are also available


Curtin offers a Master of Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers for student wishing to further their studies in this area.

Research degrees are also available

Teaching English Language

Curtin offers a number of courses that are designed to equip graduates with the ability to teach English within a number of different contexts.

What is your requirement?

Practical, short courses for professionals who wish to teach and travel overseas or in Australia CELTA 4 weeks Minimum entry requirement: University of Cambridge certificate Undergraduate degree for students who wish to have a professional qualification in teaching English Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) 3 years: Completion of a high school qualification Students who have an degree in a non related field and wish to change professions Graduate Certificate in TESOL 6 months: Relevant undergraduate degree and recognised teaching qualification This is primarily a pre-service qualification. Can assist with employment within EDWA (if the teaching qualification is approved) and with employment in TESOL institutions Students who have a degree in a related field and wish to study further Graduate Diploma in TESOL 1 year: Relevant undergraduate degree and recognised teaching qualification This can be used as an in-service qualification and can assist with employment within EDWA (if the teaching qualification is approved) and with employment in TESOL institutions

MBA in Australia

Curtin's MBA offers finest educational experience in Australia

Graduate School of Business

Ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Curtin University of Technology's Graduate School of Business Master of Business Administration (MBA) is in the top 100 in the world and in one of the top ranked with Australia.

Also up from sixth last year the GSB was ranked second internationally in the criterion of Personal Development and Education experience. This criterion includes rankings in the following areas: faculty quality, student quality, student diversity and education experience.

Curtin was one of only fourth Universities ranked in the top 100 along with Melbourne University, Monash University, Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Curtin is also ranked tenth in the category with Asian and Australian education.

Curtin Professor Robert Evans who is the Director of Curtin's GSB is pleased with the Universities performance, top-quality student, highly active GSB alumni chapter and devoted staff.

We offer a very innovative teaching program focusing on business leadership and an exclusive campus in the heart of Perth's city, Professor Evans said.

We have flexible delivery methods to meet the needs of our highly experienced student body and offer effective career counselling services.

Among a large amount of excellences the GSB has an internationally accredited MBA program and a unique Master in Leadership and Management.

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