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James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is a leading Australian research university with research expertise in areas such as marine biology, the environment, tropical health and agriculture. JCU offers excellent research facilities that encourage innovation. The university offers researchers access to specialist research facilities such as research vessels, island and rainforest field stations as well state of the art satellite technology. JCU's research partners include the eight National Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs).

Why study at James Cook University
James Cook University is a leading Australian tropical research university. The university is proudly named after eighteenth century explorer and navigator, Captain James Cook. The University was proclaimed in Townsville on 20 April 1970, two hundred years after Cook charted the eastern seaboard of Australia.

JCU offers courses in a broad range of study areas and has a strong research focus, particularly in matters relating to life in the tropics. In a ranking of the world's top 500 universities, JCU was one of only 13 Australian universities listed (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Academic Ranking of World Universities 2003).

JCU's campuses are located in tropical northern Queensland, a region which is extremely popular with international visitors. The university is ideally located in the midst of two major natural attractions that draw record number of visitors to the region every year. Two attractions worth mentioning are the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforests which is ideal for scientific research.

Townsville and Cairns are thriving coastal cities each with populations of around 130 000.

JCU is well renowned for its quality of teaching, small class sizes and highly qualified and experienced staff.

More and more students from other parts of Australia and abroad are discovering the advantages of tropical northern Queensland as a study location.


If a relaxed tropical lifestyle and environment suit your tastes and cutting edge teaching and research inspire you, then contact your AA Education Network counsellor today to learn more about the possibilities that wait for you at James Cook University.

JCU Blog

James Cook University information

Discover JCU Cairns

James Cook University will be hosting the biggest ever jellyfish research exhibition this Sunday (20 August).

Discover Day will be a fun-filled ride with interactive exhibitions and presentations by JCU's research and teaching staff.

"JCU in Cairns is continuing to grow, so Discovery Day is a chance to investigate all the options at your local university, discuss your career plans, and get advice on the best courses available, says events organiser Rima Ismail-Jones. "For those interested in new courses, such as our degrees in creative arts, it can be very helpful to talk to staff firsthand".

There will also be hands-on science for kids visiting the campus with activities such as playing with magnets and creating the colours of the rainbow.

Information sessions will explain the finer details of settling into university life. International visitors to Cairns are warmly invited to take part in investigating the possibilities of returning as a student.

Discovery Day will run from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. For more details, about studying at JCU click here!

JCU - School of Public Health

Caring for the world's troubled
An intensive course for students interested in working in crisis and emergency situations commenced this week at JCU. Refugee Health is an intensive block subject run by JCU's School of Public Health in association with the international humanitarian aid organisation, Doctors without Borders. Forty-five medical and non-medical professionals are part of this two-week intensive course being held in Townsville.

"Students come from across Australia and various parts of the world to attend the course and hear expert lecturers provide both theoretical and practical skills for working with refugees and internally displaced populations", said the course coordinator Ms Tambri Housen.

The course covers the social, humanitarian and political dimensions of service delivery with accountability also being a priority. It also investigates the ethical and security dilemmas confronting workers today.

For more details, about studying at JCU click here!

Tropical Plant Sciences - JCU Cairns

Fungus experts gather at JCU
800 eminent fungus experts are gathering in Cairns this week from August 18 to the 25th.

The Eighth International Mycological Congress, being held at the Cairns Convention Centre, is aimed at showing the region's rich mycological diversity. This is the first congress of its kind to be held in the southern hemisphere.

"The guided tours will be a chance for our botanists to show off some spectacular lichens and fungi, across a range of habitats from open woodlands to high rainforests", said Professor Paul Gadek, Head of Tropical Plant Sciences at JCU Cairns.

The conference will also examine other less fascinating fungi such as rust and smut which are vital for agriculture.

For more details, about studying at the JCU click here!

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