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About the University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia which was established in 1911 has earned a reputation since then for being a institution with a difference in excellence and enterprise. UWA is also a research intensive university and a leading member of the 'Group of 8' research intensive universities league.

UWA campuses feature awe-inspiring architecture with well-planned gardened landscapes. The riverside campus, only minutes from the CBD, allows for a cosmopolitan flavour. UWA offers international students facilities such as libraries and information services and a wide range of sports and recreational facilities. Sporting activities on offer at UWA include tennis, squash and basketball. Other activities include cafes, restaurants and theatres.


UWA lauds Nobel Prize winners

UWA Professor and graduate Barry Marshall and his colleague Emeritus Professor Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Physiology by the Nobel assembly at the Karolinska Institutet in October 2005 for their path breaking find of the bacterium Helicobacter pylon and its role in stomach ulcers and conditions.
The duo's sterling work led to a antibiotic and a reduction in the rate of gastric cancer cases. Professor Marshall is still continuing with his research into the bacterium and also runs a molecular biology laboratory at the university.


UWA facts

Location - 5km from Perth CBD, 20km from International Airport
Size - 65 hectares
Total student enrolment for 2005 - 17,181
Total international student enrolment in 2005 - 3,076
Undergraduate enrolment - 13,063
Postgraduate enrolment - 2,302
Research student enrolment - 1,816


UWA recent achievements

  • The university is one of the Group of Eight and a major research intensive partner in this collaboration. UWA attracts the creme de la creme as far as school leavers from across Western Australia are concerned. In fact in 2004, 84% of the top 5% cohort of school leavers from across the state chose UWA
  • The university is a major beneficiary of external research income. Last year, the university opened a modern A$64 Bio molecular and Chemical Sciences Building as part of its lasting commitment to teaching and research.
  • The Centre for Medical and Surgical Skills at UWA is one of the most advanced medical facilities in the world.
  • The university has a A$50 million software engineering centre, in partnership with the state government and Motorola.
  • UWA has a notable list of Rhodes scholars at 93, including last year's David Kzenevic, a former Australian Prime Minister and several Western Australian premiers.
  • An UWA engineering team won the Carroll Smith Memorial Prize in 2004 for best design in Formula SAE vehicles.
  • The university has been ranked first for the quality of its undergraduate programmes in 2004 and for the postgraduate offerings in 2005.

Academic entry requirements:

  • Successful completion of a matriculation qualification or equivalent
  • Meeting the required entry scores
  • All prerequisites should be met
  • The university's English language requirements should also be met




  • UWA Foundation
  • UWA University Foundation
  • GCE or Cambridge Advanced Level
  • Hong Kong Advanced Level
  • STPM Matriculation
  • Canadian Matriculation
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Chinese Unified Examination
  • All India Senior School Certificate
  • Vitnemal
  • Arbitur
  • Approved polytechnic diplomas and foundation programmes



University of Western Australia

Study at University of Western Australia

Jennifer Armstrong
First Class Honours, English, Communications and Cultural Studies UWA

Students and staff from almost 80 nations have travelled to study and work at the University of Western Australia -- and why not? Here, the sun is intense. Yet underneath its warm blaze green gardens spread, trees as tall as a three-storey building shade your way. UWA campus is just five minutes away from a relaxed and majestic Perth, Australia's fourth largest city. Enter it, and you will encounter a home away from home: friendly, vibrant and sociable, offering a wide range of social and entertainment venues.

Come to live in Perth. Here, there consists few of the pressures of big city life. Rather, you will be immersed in the peaceable atmosphere of local culture and can enjoy various cross-cultural experiences at an easy pace.

Return to the beauteous UWA campus on a bus taking you back to the realm of education and culture. Your journey will be gilded on the one side by the gentle lapping of the sparkling River Swan.

Be assured that at UWA you will also be participating in one of Australia's 'Group of Eight' top research intensive universities: The qualifications you receive will be internationally recognised - you will also receive peace of mind.

University of Western Australia Information

UWA Campus

University of Western Australia Campus

The campus is located next to a major highway connecting to the Perth CBD as well as Fremantle and major shopping centres and beaches. Public transport in Perth is integrated into a system knwon as Transperth.
The campus also has cycle paths connecting the campus with nearby suburbs.

Amenities & Services available on UWA campus

  • Bank
  • Bookshops
  • Child care centre
  • Cafes
  • computer centre
  • Guild shop
  • Hair salon
  • Uni Tavern
  • Travel agency
  • Art gallery
  • Museums and Theatres
  • Cinemas
  • Sports and recreation centres
  • Health centre
  • Swimming pools
  • Medical centre
  • Pharmacy

Student Support Services

The student support unit offers international students support in adjusting to a new country and this includes academic and personal counselling.

Services include :

  • Pre-departure seminars for full degree students
  • Airport reception/transfer accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation placement assistance
  • Orientation programmes
  • Ongoing student welfare support
  • Student visa and OSHC assistance
  • Social programmes and activities

Student visas

All international students require a student visa to travel to Australia.
A Confirmation of Enrolment is issues once a offer is formally accepted and the first semester's tuition fees and overseas health cover are paid. This facilitates the visa application process.

International students can only choose study in Australia on a full-time basis and must leave Australia upon successful completion of their studies. Temporary students can choose part-time study but are required to pay international tuition fees

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

International students are required by the Australian government to maintain their OSHC for the duration of their studies in Australia.

The preferred provider for the University of Western Australia is OSHC Worldcare. Payment for OSHC must be made with the first semester's tuition fees.

The advantages of maintaining such a cover for the duration of studies include :

  • a substantial discount
  • insurance against high medical costs
  • protection from annual price rises
  • no annual renewal hassles
  • no cover lapse
  • security and protection
  • student visa condition 8501 is satisfied

All health cover renewals include direct negotiations with the preferred health providers. Health cover must be current at all times otherwise it would be a breach of the student visa condition and will potentially expose the student to high medical costs.


University of Western Australia Foundation Program

This is a course for students from specific countries and enables them to undertake university study at anyone of four universities in Western Australia.
The minimum entry requirements vary according to the course and some subjects have prerequisites.

Foundation Programmes: UWA Foundation Year

This course is delivered by Taylors College Perth and prepares students for entry to university at UWA or throughout Australia. This course is offered to those who are unable to meet the minimum entry requirements for university admission. It also serves as a bridging course for students who are from another country and are unfamiliar with the Australian education system and its requirements.

Entry to university study is based on academic performance and English language competency. The minimum entry requirements vary for courses and some have prerequisites.

Student Exchange

This programme enables international students to study for one semester or a year at UWA and enrich their studies, meet interesting friends and learn more about the world they live in.

Offshore programmes: Singapore

Course offerings include :

  • MBA and DBA programmes through the PSB Academy
  • Bachelor of Science (majors in genetics, biomedical science, molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical science
  • Master of Education and Doctor of Education through the Graduate School of Education

Offshore programmes: China

  • Key collaboration with Nanjing University in areas including education, business, commercial law, earth sciences & IT
  • Doctor of Arts in Australian Literary Studies offered through Tianjin Foreign Studies University (includes exit courses such as Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts)

Offshore programmes: UK

  • An agreement with the Open University for flexible and on-line course delivery

Offshore programmes: Hong Kong

  • Master of Education, Master of Educational Studies and Doctor of Education offered through Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) offered through University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education

Offshore programmes: Malaysia

  • Credit transfer agreements with several private colleges in Malaysia for first year studies in Commerce, Economics and Computer Science with the remaining to be completed at UWA

Australian Government Scholarships

International students from select developing countries may apply for scholarships under this category.


Scientific Research in Western Australia

UWA celebrates WA's Nobel Laureates

The awards given to Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren in Medicine and Physiology was an inspiration to scientific research in Western Australia, Professor Alan Robinson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, recently said.

"The University of Western Australia congratulates them on this outstanding achievement which recognises their groundbreaking collaborative work done at Royal Perth Hospital in the early 1980's", said Professor Robinson.

In 1982, Professor Marshall working with Dr Warren discovered that infection of the stomach by a previously unidentified spiral bacteria increased the risk of gastric cancer. Their work later lead to the treatment and reduction in the prevalence of gastric cancer through antibiotic therapy.

The University of Western Australia in 1997 awarded Honorary Doctorates to the duo for their pioneering work.
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