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The University of Tasmania. One of Australia's oldest and most respected universities. It teaches a wide range of bachelor, masters and PhD programs as well as English Language and Foundation Studies programs. It offers a generous scholarship scheme to international students. It is ranked in the top ten for research in Australia. Tasmania's low cost of living and the University's attractive tuition fees make the University a popular choice for international education .

Why Study at the University of Tasmania?

Founded in Hobart in 1890, it was the fourth university in Australia. It is highly regarded internationally as a teaching and research institution and offers a wide range of courses. The University has a student population of 12 000, including approximately 1000 international students. Class sizes are generally small and lecturers and tutors can be consulted without difficulty.

The University of Tasmania enjoys the status of being a young university at the same time when it merged with the Tasmanian Institute of Technology in 1991, a year after its centenary. The result was the University of Tasmania as it is currently known. The university later expanded in 1995 to form the North-West Centre in Burnie. Hence, the University of Tasmania has a young, vibrant flavour to it as well as the prestige of being one of the oldest universities in Australia.

The University offers a pleasant, enjoyable natural environment for study. The University has two major campuses, in Hobart and in Launceston, and a study centre situated at Burnie, on the State's north west coast. Both major campuses are set in beautiful landscaped grounds a few kilometres from the city centre and most students are able to live within walking distance of their campus.

The University of Tasmania is at the forefront of Australian universities, and many of its staff are known internationally for their research work. Graduates of the University have reached senior levels in business, the professions and government, and are numbered among the ranks of governors, judges, ambassadors, cabinet ministers, university vice-chancellors, heads of government departments, professors, leading scientists and artists.

The University of Tasmania offers one of the best choices available in Australian higher education - a University of international standing committed to excellent teaching and quality learning opportunities for its students.

The University of Tasmania works with universities around the world to offer students an international experience as part of their study - UT as has exchange arrangements with over 60 countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Quality without a high cost
The University of Tasmania's international full fee program has grown in recent years. The combination of lower living costs in Tasmanian cities and tuition fees that are less than most universities in Australia have attracted increasing numbers of international students seeking value in overseas education. Added to this is one of the most generous international scholarship schemes available.

Why choose the University of Tasmania?

The University offers courses in the following:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Law
  • Science, Engineering and Technology

One of the oldest and most respected universities in Australia.

  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Generous scholarship schemes.
  • Tasmania has a lower cost of living than most other regions in Australia.
  • Quality accommodation for international students.
  • Ranked in the top ten for research.
  • Tasmania is a safe, beautiful and clean place to live, with plenty of things to see and do.
  • ELC Courses

General English

  • General English: Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English Exam Preparation Course (FCE)
  • Cambridge Business English Certificate (Vantage/Intermediate) Exam Preparation Course (BEC)
  • IELTS Preperation

Academic English

  • Academic English
  • Full-time IELTS Test Preparation
  • Direct Entry Academic Program (DEAP)
  • Foundation Studies Program

Direct Entry Academic Program (DEAP)
This program is is the gateway for international students wishing to study undergraduate bachelor degree programs at the the University of Tasmania.

This program offers international students a pathway to study at the university while at the same time meeting the academic requirements of the degree. Upon successful completion of the program, direct admission to the university is possible. Candidates who fail to meet the academic requirements of their course may be required to sit a IELTS test to confirm their language score for the degree that they wish to study at university.


The University was originally located on the Domain in Hobart. As the University developed, it outgrew its original site and in the early 1940's began to transfer its departments to Sandy Bay, which became the new home for the institution.

Entry Requirements

English language:- undergraduate admission generally requires an overall IELTS of 6.0, with a minimum of 5.0 in listening and speaking; postgraduate admission generally requires an overall IELTS of 6.0, with a minimum of 5.0 in speaking and listening.

Academic requirements:- undergraduate admission generally requires the successful completion of the equivalent of Year 12 High School studies; postgraduate admission requirements can vary from course to course.

Contact AA Education Network today and one of our counsellors will be able to give you more detailed information on language and academic requirements for your chosen course of study.

Enrolment dates

Summer session: commences December Autumn session: commences February
Spring session: commences July

It is advisable to make your application two to three months before the session in which you wish to begin. An AA Education Network counsellor can assist you with this.

Student activities

There are organised student clubs on-campus that provide cultural, religious and social activities for students.

Students also organise informal social activities among themselves and there are the opportunities provided by the proximity of the city for shopping, live entertainment and recreation.

The sandy beaches offer surfing, diving and fishing, the escarpment offers bushwalking and hang gliding and there are the small coastal towns that offer the prospect of interesting and pleasant day trips.

Courses entered through DEAP
All undergraduate degree programs requiring IELTS 6 and the following coursework masters programs:

  • Master of Information Technology
  • Master of Computing
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Applied Science
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of International Politics
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Evironmental Planning
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Economic Geology
  • Master of Fine Art and Design
  • Master of Music
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Master of Clinical Psychology

This program will provide excellent academic language and cultural preparation for tertiary study. It will go beyond the requirements of an IELTS test which does not cover many of the skills required for successful tertiary study, such as longer essays with academic referencing, academic research skills, use and presentation of statistics, critical reading and writing, and writing case studies and literature reviews.

Successful completion of this course means that students must complete a number of language tasks (essays, reports and oral presentations) successfully across the course, and have satisfactory attendance. We would encourage students to undertake the essays and reports in the area of their future study to increase their knowledge of its vocabulary and subject content.

Please note that all students must have the required IELTS or TOEFL scores and the documents to support this must be seen before a student is accepted.
University of Tasmania CRICOS Provider Code 00586B

Teaching and learning environment

The maximum class size is 16 but 12-14 is the normal range. English courses and topics are normally structured around situations where students in pairs or groups complete individual exercises and make oral presentations. Groups and class participation is encouraged at all times. Courses are tailored to suit the needs of individual students. Classroom teaching is where most of the teaching and learning occurs but this may also occur outside the classroom.


Students are normally handed a assignment timetable which is usually twice a week and when the student has completed the twelve units required for award of a certificate, he or she is promoted to the next level. Methods of assessment include oral presentations, individual exercises, assignments, small tests and interviews.


The English language centres in Launceston and Hobart have been recently renovated and both the centres are in close proximity to the main campus in each city. Both centres enjoy full computer access and there are also specialist English resource libraries for learning.

Sample Timetable

  • English & Vocational Studies'
  • Long term Intensive English
  • Package English
  • Short term Intensive English

Medicine Enrollment

Medicine enrolment offers for 2007

The University of Tasmania wishes to advise all prospective international applicants that Offers of Enrolment for next year's intake will only be issued after 21 September 2006 and not prior to this date.

Apply to study at the University of Tasmania!

Postgraduate Research

New postgraduate research application forms

New forms are now available for those interested in applying for Masters or PhD research programs. They are now available on the UTAS Research web site in PDF or Word Format.
There is also a convenient link from the international student web site. The UTAS Research Office will only process these application forms so please ensure that the correct form is submitted at the time of application.

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Stunning Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia's southern island state. The Island offers lush rainforrest, wilrd rapids, rolling hills and sandy beaches. It has a fair temperate climate with cool winters and warm summers. And is renowned for its natural beauty.These sights are normally less than an hour's drive in any direction.


Hobart is Tasmania's capital and offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle. A wide selection of restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, theatres and shopping centres as well as open air markets is available.

The two cosmopolitan cities offer you a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, pubs, bars, theatres and shopping centres and open air markets.

University of Tasmania News

University of Tasmania (UTAS) has announced 4-years Bachelor of Engineering degree at its Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology center for at Hobart. Students need to qualify for the university admission requirements, such as a TCE Satisfactory Achievement (SA) score, an ATAR score of 70, and so on. Students with a TAFE advanced diploma in Civil, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical are also given the opportunity to study this course. Contact us if you want to bag this opportunity.

Fees for the 2018 academic year may increase by only 2-3%, making them still the most reasonable fees in Australia for a prestigious university.

For example the Bachelor of Business degree is currently A$14,000 per year! Fees are frozen once a student commences their study and remain the same until they have graduated.

The Tasmanian International Scholarship Scheme will also still apply well into the future. This scholarship scheme is probably the best known in Australia and currently 16% of our students are in receipt of TISS. The scholarship provides for 25% off the fees for the duration of the course, including an honours year and is available for all coursework degrees, except medicine. Parents like the fact that our fees are frozen and the scholarship is offered before applicants arrive on campus, so they know
how much they will be required to pay for the entire period of study.

Graduates can take advantage of the Australian government’s Post Study Work visa options

Dear students,

Greetings from the island state of Tasmania, Australia where you will find the University of Tasmania (UTAS), recently ranked in the top ten universities in Australia.

I write to you as Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania (UTAS) to inform you about some exciting changes to our Law program which I believe may of interest to potential students.

The Faculty of Law at UTAS is the fourth oldest Law school in Australia and ranks in the Top 200 Law Schools globally. We offer our students a traditional yet innovative Law program, taught by practicing legal practitioners and internationally recognized researchers.

Our program is chosen by many international students seeking an internationally recognized Law degree who wish to be advantaged by our award-winning international student support program for academic and pastoral care.

We generally have between 550 and 600 students enrolled in our Law programs at any given time and of these, approximately 25% are international students.
The UTAS Law degree is formally recognized by the legal profession and relevant government accreditation bodies in most commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa, New Zealand and most Pacific nations.

The Faculty offers undergraduates two entry points for the Law degree which commences in February and July annually:
· Students with above average results in their Australian Year 12 equivalent studies, may enter the four year program directly.
· Students with average grades in their Australian Year 12 equivalent studies, may enter our 1 + 3 program in which students undertake their first year of tertiary studies in an alternate Faculty (such as Arts or Business), undertake two introductory Law subjects, and on successful completion of all subjects in their first year studies, may transfer in to Year 2 of the Law degree.

The duration for these studies remains four years and in terms of content, is identical to the direct entry program.
Many students also choose to undertake one of our double degrees, graduating with an LLB plus an Arts, Business, Computing, Economics, Information Systems or Science degree.

These combined degrees take 5 years to complete.
All applicants for a UTAS LLB or combined degree are automatically assessed for Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) eligibility.  Successful awardees of TIS are provided with a 25% tuition fee scholarship for the duration of their studies providing they maintain satisfactory academic performance.

UTAS recognises that the Australian dollar is currently very strong against most currencies but are confident that our reasonable tuition fees, generous scholarship program and low cost of living (Hobart has the lowest cost of living of any Australian capital city) make us an affordable and attractive option for those seeking a cost-effective study option that does not compromise quality.

In addition to the opportunity to graduate with an internationally recognized degree from one of Australia’s most recognised universities for Law, our graduates can take advantage of the Australian government’s Post Study Work visa options if they wish to gain some work experience in Australia on graduation.

For more information on our LLB program, please contact us and we will be happy to send you more details.

The University of Tasmania is offering international students a host of generous scholarships and bursaries for 2019. From 50% off tuition fees or accommodation to assistance with relocation or set up costs, some are available for specific degrees while others, like our Tasmanian International Scholarship, are open across virtually any of our coursework degrees. See a sample of our awards below or visit our scholarships website for a full list of scholarships and bursaries .

Don't miss out on the opportunity to study at Australia's premier university for teaching excellence. Explore your support options now and accept your offer to avoid disappointment.

AMC Principal's Merit Scholarship* - closing Friday 16 November 2018

For semester 1, these 50% tuition fee scholarships are available to high achieving international students studying maritime degrees in engineering, logistics management, and our maritime flavoured MBA.

AMC Seafaring Scholarship* - closing Friday 16 November 2018

Open exclusively to Indian students, this merit-based scholarship provides a 50% fee discount to high achieving students studying our applied science bachelors in either marine engineering or nautical science.

University of Tasmania Business Scholarship - closing 30 November 2018

International students from Indonesia, Latin America, Nigeria and Vietnam can apply for these incredible full and half fee scholarships. Open to all undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees offered by the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (excluding Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Professional Accounting Specialisation).

Dean of Tasmanian School of Business & Economics (TSBE) Merit Scholarship

TSBE also has a 50% merit scholarship open to international students from any country. Again it applies to any course offered by the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics except for the Master of Professional Accounting and the Master of Professional Accounting (Specialisation). Best news? There's no scholarship test or forms. Eligibility is automatically assessed when students submit their course application!

Half Price Accommodation at our Launceston Campus

For Semester 1, 2019 we're offering 50% OFF accommodation to eligible students studying in Launceston. The TSBE Accommodation Bursary covers the Bachelor of Business, Master of Professional Accounting, and Master of Professional Accounting (Specialisation), while the MITS Accommodation Bursary covers eligible students of Master of Information Technology and Systems at our Launceston campus. A range of different accommodation bursaries are on offer for other degrees including those courses offered by the Australian Maritime College so contact us for more details.

Relocation Bursaries

International students receive $3,000 towards relocation costs through our Health Relocation Bursary if they are commencing first year in the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Nutrition Science or Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine. Our Pharmacy Relocation Bursary also provides $3,000 for first year international students of Bachelor of Pharmacy with Applied Honours and Master of Pharmaceutical Science.