Why study at ICTE-UQ

ICTE-UQ and its programs and services have expanded and diversified remarkedly since the formal establishment of the Institute in 1996. The Institute’s TESOL division has gained considerable recognition and fame in the fields of English language training,TESOL teacher training and professional development both nationally and internationally since the mid-1980s. The Continuing Education division of ICTE-UQ has displayed innovation and gained extensive experience in the variety of short courses ranging from educational travel, community education and continuing professional/vocational/technical education programs.

The Institute has also made a name for itself for developing and delivering quality support services and tailor-made study tour and customised training programs. The enrolment of more than 7,500 international and domestic students, teachers, tourists, professionals and people from the wider community from 35+ countries in ICTE-UQ programs and services in 2003 is a testament to its splendid success.


Located on The University of Queensland’s main St Lucia campus in Brisbane, the TESOL division of ICTE-UQ was established under a grant from the Australia-Japan Foundation in 1981 as the first ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses from Overseas Students) centre in the state of Queensland and one of the first six ELICOS centres in Australia.