Remaining Relative Visa

This Australian visa is designed for the migration of family from outside Australia so to re-join their family currently residing in Australia.

The Government’s objective for this visa is to reflect immigration principals relating to the reunion of relatives in recognition of kinship ties and the bonds of mutual dependency and support within families.

The visa is intended for overseas brothers, sisters and children of Australian permanent residents or citizens. There is an important requirement however, that neither the applicant nor their spouse has any brothers, sisters, children or parents other than those in Australia. It is also a mandatory requirement of the visa that an Assurance of Support bond be lodged with the Department of Immigration

There are details in determining when the applicant is really the only remaining relative such as;

The allowance for family overseas which haven’t been in contact for many years;
Ensuring the best person is chosen to sponsor the applicant;
Establishing the familial relationships and
Establishing the residences of all the necessary family members.

Under correct circumstances, the remaining relative visa provides for the unification of families in Australia and promotes the importance of family in Australian society.

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