Temporary Visa Australia

A Temporary Residence Visa is provided to those who fall into three categories these include: skilled, social and cultural, and international relations. The visa allows migrants to enter the country if it is for a purpose that will benefit Australia.

A Temporary Residence Visa holder is permitted to work while in Australia but is required to pay tax on all income earned. Visa holders do not have access to social welfare and health benefits that Australian citizens have access to. Although if the country the applicant is from has a Reciprocal Health Agreement with Australia they will have access to emergency medical services. It is always best to have appropriate health insurance.

Those who fit into the skilled class are for people who have either a Business Entry Visa, Educational Visa or Temporary Medical Practitioner Visa. Those who fit into the social and cultural area will have either a Entertainment Visa, Investment Retirement Visa, Media and Film Staff Visa, Religious Worker Visa, Retirement Visa, Special Program Visa, Sport Visa or the Visiting Academic Visa. The international relations are covers those who have either a Working Holiday Visa, Work and Holiday Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Domestic Worker Visa, Exchange Visa, Foreign Government Agency Visa, Occupational Trainee Visa, Professional Development Visa and the Special Programs Visa.

Applications for a Temporary Residence Visa can be made through the Department of Immigration in Australia, either electronically or by paper mail. Included in the application must be a certified copy of the applicants passport, medical certificate including chest x-rays which prove the person does not have tuberculosis, as well as having character references.

All applicants must have proof they will be leaving Australia after their visa expires. There is a one off non-refundable application fee which must be paid on application.

The applicant will be contacted by the Department of Immigration in Australia either electronically or by mail to advise them on whether or not their application was successful.