Australia Business Visa

Business Visa's are available for Australian visitors who are entering the country for business purposes. The visa lasts for up to 3 months, applicants must be sponsored by their place of work and be in Australia for genuine business related reasons. These reasons can include: conferences, meetings, business negotiations, exploratory visits, or if they are under taking training or building inspections.

Applicant requirements must include, relevant personal and business attributes to the nature of their business in Australia, a demonstrated need for the person to be in Australia, enough funds to support themselves whilst in the country, and they must not undertake any further employment during their stay.

Applications for Business Visa's can be made either through the Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate or by contacting the Department of Immigration in Australia. The application can be lodged either by mail or electronically. When applying for a visa there is a one off non-refundable application fee which must be paid up front.

With their application the applicant must include a certified copy of their passport, evidence of their need to be in Australia, evidence of their business back ground as well as copied of medical certificates including a chest x-ray proving they do not have tuberculosis. There must also be proof that the applicant will be returning to their home country after the 3 month period. There will be no extensions of visas.

If the application is successful the Department of Immigration in Australia will contact the applicant and advise them of this.