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English School Perth - English Language School Perth

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Perth - Australia's mysterious Pearl!

Set on the banks of the Swan River and bounded by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, Perth is a spacious and charming city of 1.4 million.

Prosperous yet low cost.
Perth's living standards are among Australia's highest; its living costs the lowest.

Kilometers of them, close to the city, pristine and uncrowded. Western Australia has some of the world's best surf.

Affordable, high quality and easy to find.

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English School Perth

St Mark's / Perth International College

School Information
Established: 1991
Type of School: Private Location: Suburban Classrooms: 29 (air-conditioned)
Max Class Size: 15
Average Student Age: 22
All courses are accredited under an internationally recognised scheme; the National ELICOS Accreditation Scheme (NEAS).

English is an international language that offers the greatest chance for success in a competitive global environment. English is the language that will determine you altitude in life. We at GEOS Perth wish to help you succeed in this goal.

St. Marks College has a range of English language courses that will sharpen and even improve your English language skills. We aim to make you master communicators in the English language through the development of daily oral and written cross-communication in English.

We at GEOS Perth provide a complete range of courses from beginners level to advanced. The focus of these courses are basically on the four key communication skills - speaking, reading, listening and writing.

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St Mark's is a GEOS International College. The GEOS network was established in Japan in 1973 and its goal is to promote international communication in the English language.

The GEOS Group is a world wide network of language schools with chapters in Europe, North America, Canada, Asia and Oceania. The GEOS Oceania chapter offers a wide choice of study destinations to international students with colleges located in all the major cities.

St. Marks is proud to have the services of specialist teachers and well structured courses that include quality content and superior learning outcomes for all its students.

All teachers at St. Marks are highly qualified and experienced and come from diverse backgrounds.

They are understanding and professional and able to relate with their students. Our ongoing staff development program aims to mould them into leaders, taking into account their various teaching methods and backgrounds.