Cambridge Preparation Courses in Australia

Cambridge Preparation courses are designed to prepare you for the Cambridge exam

Cambridge Preparation Courses in Australia

Cambridge Preparation Courses in Australia are designed  to prepare you for the  Cambridge English examinations, which are considered as highly reliable competency tests for both employment and study purposes.

You should take part in a Cambridge Preparation course in Australia if you wish to improve your English intensively for either employment or academic studies or if you are an international student for whom English is a foreign language and you require a certain Cambridge Certificate Pass as an entry qualifications for employment or other purpose or if you wish to have a formal qualification in English

You could also take preparatory studies in General English and enter a Cambridge course as soon as you have reached the necessary level of English proficiency.

Important examinations such need adequate preparation time! Students need to enrol for at least one semester (12 weeks) of full time study.

Study times
9 or 10 weeks full time, beginning of the beginning of January every year.
12 weeks full time, beginning of the middle of March and middle of September every year.

Every course will usually end in an exam. (The exam fee needs to be paid separately)

B1 Preliminary English Test (PET)

Preliminary English Test (PET)

PET is the first examination level of the Cambridge certificates and certifies the graduate’s language skills to be able to prove confidence in communicating in predictable situations in the social and professional environment.


In the preparatory course you will learn to express yourself more clearly, verbally and in writing, and to better understand what is written and heard by your fellow human beings. The course level corresponds to medium to good English (“intermediate English”). This course requires a great deal of cooperation and initiative in the form of daily homework.

Participants learn to read and understand everyday announcements, brochures and instructions. They write letters, pass on information, fill out English-language forms, describe certain situations or express their opinions in essays.

Listening and understanding is trained with auditions and public announcements. Regular speaking promotes better and more confident communication with others. In addition, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are refined and expanded. Particular importance is attached to the correct use of prepositions and tenses.

The PET course will help you to communicate more clearly when you write and speak, and to understand English when you read and listen.

The PET course is very intensive and you need to work hard during the course. There is a lot of homework every night, which you must do!


Intermediate level of English


Reading: understanding public notices, brochures and instructions.
Writing: completing forms, write letters, give information, report events, describe situations and express your opinions.
Listening: listening to public announcements and conversations.
Speaking: communicate better and more confidently.
English: improve your grammar and accuracy, especially using prepositions and tenses.
Vocabulary: greatly increase

B2 First Certificate of English (FCE)

First Certificate of English (FCE)

The FCE is the most commonly acquired Cambridge certificate with good to very good English (“upper-intermediate English”). It certifies a safe and competent handling of the English language, as desired in the public sector, for example in banking, at an airline, in catering or other positions.


The FCE is the most widely taken of all the Cambridge examinations. It is at the Upper-Intermediate English level, and aims to develop your skills in English to a level that is ‘sufficient for public contact in employment in areas such as banking, airlines, catering, etc’.


Before the start, an admission test must be taken to check existing language skills. The preparatory course improves grammar and extends the vocabulary, especially the use of idiomatic expressions and expressions of the English language. He also trains the skills to write informal and formal letters as well as stories, reports, opinions and articles.


Intermediate level of English


Use of English: improve your grammar, increase your vocabulary, particularly phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions…
Writing: Informal letters, formal letters, articles, reports, opinion type compositions, narratives
Reading: read magazine articles to increase your reading speed, understanding of text organisation
Listening: Short extracts, longer monologues, announcements, extracts from radio programmes/news
Speaking: pronunciation, developing your spoken accuracy and fluency for conversational English

C1 Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

C2 Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

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