High School Preparation Course (HSP)

The High School Preparation Program (HSP) prepares you for your high school studies in Australia

High School Preparation Course (HSP) Australia

The High School Preparation Programme (HSP) is an intensive English language program that prepares you for middle secondary education in Australia (high school) or another English-speaking country. 

In order to get along well with your visit to the Australian high school and not miss anything essential, you must of course have sufficient English skills. These must also be proven before the exchange year. Usually you will need a recommendation letter from your teacher to show that you have sufficient English skills. If your English is not good enough, the High School Preparation Program is perfect for you! Australia has a wide range of language institutes where you can polish your English to the required level.

The High School Preparation Program is an intensive study of the English language, vocabulary, grammar and other functions. Content-related learning goals include the ability to read texts and make notes, impart “essay writing skills” (writing essays), improve oral communication and listening skills, use of computers and other media in the English language, and strengthen your debating and discussion skills, training in oral presentations, teaching Australian history and culture, as well as general and targeted improvement of skills in research and research as well as reading speed.


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Where can I take the High School Preparation course in Australia?

At high schools where HSP is not offered, we have partnered with education providers offering English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

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