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Why Choose Sydney as your English language studies destination?

Sydney is the most popular city in Australia, in particular for international students and travelers. That's way there are many students currently undertaking an English course here.

Whether you simply want to learn English or have set your sights on completing an English exam in Australia, studying at an English Language School in Sydney will prove a vital investment in your future.

Sydney has a number of ways in which you can learn English (socialising, communicating with loads of people etc.). However you are guaranteed to learn the language by attending English classes at an English school as they particularly specialise in teaching English to people who have recently moved to Australia from overseas.

At all of our partner English schools, there will be translators readily available, whether via phone, as a teacher or available through the school.

Depending on how much or how little English you already know, there will be different levels of English programs running, and tutors ranging from qualified teachers to graduate Australian University students.

At the end of completion of an English Language course, you are given a Certificate which may act as a credit to get into TAFE or University if you decide to continue education within Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

With so many different ways to explore and learn the English language, and as a widely spoken language throughout the entire world, this would be a huge opportunity that will open windows for your life and career in Australia.

There is no better place to start your life in Australia then Sydney, as it has a great diverse multicultural population and no better place to start a course in English.

There is a range of choices for international students looking for studying English in a different environment:

  • Sydney: Sydney has speactacular beaches and national parks. The atmosphere is vibrant and this international city has got enough different colours and flavours to suit just about anyone..
  • Armidale: The meeting point between Sydney & Brisbane, Armidale is at the forefront in culture and education and is complemented by beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Newcastle: A leading wine producer. Known for its splendid national parks and ample recreational facilities..
  • Wagga Wagga: This regional centre has a relaxed atmosphere in modern surroundings. Wagga Wagga is renowned for arts & culture.
  • Wollongong: This region of New South Wales is renowned for its splendid beauty and magnificent beaches. Experience nature at its best
English Course Sydney

Free Enrolment & Application Service to the English Schools in Sydney

Study a English Course in Sydney - We help you find and apply to the English schools in Sydney

English Language School Sydney

Our student advisors will be happy to help you find the cheapest and most suitable language school in Sydney! Just send us a message via our online contact form.

Our Free Services include:

  • Direction and assistance on how to apply for the appropriate English course in Sydney that will help you meet your education goals
  • Correct information in regards to English language tests
  • Assistance with all your application forms including both translations of appropriate documentation and certified copies and submissions
  • Continued on the ground support after we have submitted your appropriate application to your chosen Sydney English School.
  • Support with student visa issues that may eventuate like: application, extension and the renewal of visas
  • Flight bookings and travel information that is appropriate to your need
  • Student Accommodation options
  • Correct information about what life is like in Australia: OSHC, banking, transportation, and student discounts

English Courses in Sydney

General English courses are for adults (16+) who want to improve their speaking, understanding, reading and writing. There are intensive courses and standard courses.

The German Bildungsurlaub program is offered at selected language schools.

English exam preparation courses serve to prepare students for internationally recognized language tests and certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge. The courses explain the specific requirements of the exams, explain the individual components (such as understanding of the text, writing essays, listening comprehension and active speaking) and prepare the students specifically for these requirements. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge, TESOL/CELTA, FCE, CAE, CPE, PET, PTE, TELC and many more.

An English for Academic Purposes course is perfect for students who already have intermediate language skills. The sole purpose for an Academic English course in Australia is to prepare international students, for study at tertiary level.

This course will provide you with the skills required such as essay writing, oral presentations, reading academic textbooks, and listening to lectures.

There is the possibility to take special courses on job-specific topics such as medicine, law, industry, trade, telecommunications, nurses, doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineering or finance. The relevant courses deal with the respective vocabulary of the technical language and communication skills (e.g. correspondence). These special courses are very popular with representatives of the relevant professional groups and specifically impart skills that are needed in everyday professional life.

Learn English and gain work experience, English course + internship, English course + au pair (demi pair)

These English language courses are for children aged 8 to 12 and teenagers aged 13 to 18 who want to learn English in the summer.

The Business English course primarily serves to improve communication skills within the global business world. Negotiating English skills generally give prospective employees significantly better chances of starting or furthering their careers. In the Business English course, students therefore learn in particular the type of English language skills that they need for key business situations. This includes, for example, phone calls, meetings, making arrangements and business negotiations.

Different programs are offered for international students and native English speakers, which take place in cooperation with the University of Cambridge. Cambridge CELTA, TESOL and TKT as well as TECSOL courses are possible.

English Plus programs combine semi-intensive English with special afternoon activities. The participants in these programs take general English courses in the morning and enjoy organized activities in the afternoon. You can chose from a range of activities including golfing, surfing, hiking, kayaking, excursions to tourist attractions and so on.

Sydney Language Schools

Study a English Course in Sydney - We help you find and apply to the English schools in Sydney

Sydney Language Schools

  • ABILITY English
  • Access Language Centre
  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • ELSIS Sydney
  • English Language Company
  • International House Sydney
  • Kaplan International English
  • Kingsway Institute
  • LLOYDS International College
  • Metro English College
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • North Sydney English College
  • Oxford House College
  • SELC - Sydney English Language Centre
  • Sydney College of English
  • Torrens University Language Centre

Sydney Northern Beaches Language Schools

  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • International House Bondi
  • Kaplan International English
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • SELC - Sydney English Language Centre
  • Sydney English Academy

New South Wales Northern Region Language Schools

  • Byron Bay English Language School
  • Lexis English - Byron Bay
  • TAFE NSW – Kingscliff
  • TAFE NSW – Newcastle
  • TAFE NSW – Port Macquarie
  • TAFE NSW – Wollongong
English School Sydney
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English School Sydney
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