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English School SydneySydney can probably be said to be the most popular city in Australia, it has a very high population actually been the most populated city in Australia to undertake an English course. Whether you simply want to learn English or have set your sights on gaining a Cambridge Certificate in Australia, a place in one of your English Language School Sydney will prove a vital investment in your future.

With many people moving to Australia from overseas every day most of which move to Sydney, New South Wales there is one thing this city must offer. This being a school that teaches English.

Sydney has a number of ways in which you can study English. One of which is by using or going to a Langauge School.

Most of which do specialise in teaching English to people who have recently moved to Australia from overseas.

Study English in SydneyIn total there is Twenty - Two Language Schools within Sydney, you will require a Student Visa to stay in Australia and are not allowed to undertake Employment during this period.

At all of the schools, there will be translators readily available, whether via phone, as a teacher or available through the school.

Depending on how much or how little English you already know, there will be different levels of English programs running, and tutors ranging from qualified teachers to graduate Australian University students.

A lot of these Schools offer online courses, home tutors and an internship program where you are offered an internship to come and study within Australia.

They also can offer what's known as 'English Homestays' where there are deals where you come and stay in a Teachers home for a certain amount of time and undertake an English course.

At the end of completion of an English Language course, you are given a Certificate which can act as a credit to get into TAFE or University if you decide to continue education within Sydney or anywhere else in Australia.

With so many different ways to explore and learn the English language, and as a widely spoken language throughout the entire world, this would be a huge opportunity that will open windows for your life and career in Australia.

There is no better place to start your life in Australia then Sydney, as it has a great diverse multicultural population and no better place to start a course in English.


  • Direct Entry English Pathway (DEEP) in New South Wales, Australia
  • General English in New South Wales, Australia
  • Academic English (including IELTS) in New South Wales, Australia
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation in New South Wales, Australia
  • English and Sport in New South Wales, Australia
  • English and Au Pair in New South Wales, Australia
  • Short Term Programs in New South Wales, Australia

There is a range of choices for international students looking for studying English in a different environment:

  • Sydney: Sydney has speactacular beaches and national parks. The atmosphere is vibrant and this international city has got enough different colours and flavours to suit just about anyone..
  • Armidale: The meeting point between Sydney & Brisbane, Armidale is at the forefront in culture and education and is complemented by beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Newcastle: A leading wine producer. Known for its splendid national parks and ample recreational facilities..
  • Wagga Wagga: This regional centre has a relaxed atmosphere in modern surroundings. Wagga Wagga is renowned for arts & culture.
  • Wollongong: This region of New South Wales is renowned for its splendid beauty and magnificent beaches. Experience nature at its best

Sydney Language Schools

  • ABILITY English
  • Access Language Centre
  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • ELSIS Sydney
  • English Language Company
  • International House Sydney
  • Kaplan International English
  • Kingsway Institute
  • LLOYDS International College
  • Metro English College
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • North Sydney English College
  • Oxford House College
  • SELC - Sydney English Language Centre
  • Sydney College of English
  • Torrens University Language Centre

Sydney Northern Beaches Language Schools

  • Australian Pacific College
  • Australian Pacific College
  • International House Bondi
  • Kaplan International English
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • Navitas - Australian College of English
  • SELC - Sydney English Language Centre
  • Sydney English Academy

New South Wales Northern Region Language Schools

  • Byron Bay English Language School
  • Lexis English - Byron Bay
  • TAFE NSW – Kingscliff
  • TAFE NSW – Newcastle
  • TAFE NSW – Port Macquarie
  • TAFE NSW – Wollongong
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