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Studying English at Cairns Language Schools provides a deep insight into the Australian way of life and it's fun at the same time. Cairns hosts many reputable English language schools that offer short or long term courses. The choice is yours.

Courses are offered at Cairns Language Schools that range from beginners to advanced with internationally recognised certificates issued at the end of the courses.

Studying English in Cairns can prove to be a rewarding experience for both students, teachers and host families. Students can choose from a large array of English courses which integrate professional English tuition with leisure activities like Scuba Diving, Golf, Safaris and many more.

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College Cairns

Cairns provide institutions for vocational training. These courses give students skill-based training in a broad range of industries. This type of training involves a mixture of theory and practical applications. The practical applications are intertwined into the courses. Some of these courses also offer a pathway into university. Some vocational courses teach subjects that can be accepted as prerequisites for university degree programs. Some of these courses can be accredited into a university program. Many of these courses also have job placement programs as well as work experience to enhance students’ skills.

The courses that can be studied range from accounting and business studies; environmental management; hospitality; information technology, and tourism. In Cairns the main providers are Accredited Online Training (A.O.T.), and the Cairns Business College (C.B.C.).

A.O.T. is one of Australia’s leading organisations that provide vocational training online. They provide training at the certificate and diploma level which is recognised throughout Australia. Among their customers are some of Australia’s large corporations. As well as providing training online they also have on their website tips on how to study online. For more information go to www.aot.edu.au

The C.B.C. is an institute of higher education that provides business courses in Cairns. It is Queensland’s oldest business college. International students wishing to enrol in the C.B.C. must provide proof of proficiency in English. The college will assess international students to determine if they are capable of completing a course in English.

Further information can be obtained at: Cairns Business College

Language School Cairns

There are several language schools in Cairns. Among the well known schools are the ACE Cairns Language Centre, Cairns College of English, the Sun Pacific College and the James Cook University English Language Centre (J.CU.-E.L.C.).

ACE Cairns Language Centre:

The centre teaches English for a wide range of purposes. They have courses for general English. Here students learn how English for everyday situations ranging from academic to non-academic. After students gain general English sufficiency they can choose to learn English with work experience. This is where they learn to apply their English skills in the workplace. The school also offers ‘Adventure English’. Adventure English combines learning the English language with a holiday experience in Australia. The type of adventure will determine the duration of the tuition. All these courses are taught in small classes. The small class size allows teachers to educate students on an individual basis.
Further information: ACE Cairns Language Centre

Cairns College of English:

This college is placed close to natural surroundings. It is close to Queensland’s tropical rainforests and is also close to the beach. Students enrolled here can do all sorts of fun activities while learning English. Common activities are hiking, scuba diving or just chilling out on the beach. This school also offers a wide range of English courses to cater for different needs.
Further information: Cairns College of English

Sun Pacific College:

This English college was established in 2001. They provide English studies for students on tourist, working holiday and student visas. It also provides courses for Languages Other Than English (L.O.T.E.). The college’s campus is located at the centre of the city of Cairns. It is also close to buses, a swimming lagoon and the Cairns Cultural Centre.


This language centre is located on the campus of James Cook University in Cairns. This university is Queensland’s second oldest. The English Language Centre has language specialists with a great deal of experience. Students have a great amount of access to library resources, internet access, computer rooms and individual student counselling and support.
Further information: James Cook University