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Culture and lifestyles intersect throughout the state, from outback pubs and village museums through to shopping to opera and dance. Industries include automotive, food and wine, bioscience, tourism, cutting edge technology and research and education.

Adelaide lies within green parkland between some of Australia’s best city beaches and the Mount Lofty Ranges, while the state boasts beautiful national parks, forests and stunning ancient limestone cliffs. Summers are hot and dry, autumn and spring mostly dry while winters tend to be cool and wet and life is generally easy and affordable.


South Australian Government Schools
South Australian government schools take this opportunity to welcome all students intending to take part in short-term study tours.
The program provides a unique Australian experience for both small and large tour groups in both urban and regional country areas.

There are 609 government schools in South Australia of which over 100 provide services to international students.

Overview of the South Australian school system
The school year in South Australia has four terms divided into two semesters. The year runs from Late January through to December and has roughly 10 weeks in each term followed by the holiday breaks.
School hours: Most schools operate from 9am to 3.30pm.

Why choose South Australian government schools
We offer you:

  • Student oriented learning outcomes
  • High quality student support & guidance
  • Home stay program with friendly and hospitable Australian families
  • International students also benefit from;
  • A wide range of schools to choose from
  • A wide range of programs and subjects to choose from
  • Specialist teaching expertise in certain schools
  • Small class sizes and more student-teacher interaction
  • Modern and state of the art facilities
  • The use of technology in learning
  • Teaching for students of different abilities
  • Ongoing English as a second language (ESL) support
  • A wide range of recreational activities
  • Ongoing professional counselling

South Australian government schools offer a world class education and cater to the  special needs of each student. At senior level, students can make choices about subjects that will help them gain tertiary entry. Careers advice and counselling is also available for those who need it, South Australian government schools also offer you:

  • High quality tuition
  • Student support
  • A reputable home stay program
  • An opportunity to experience Australian culture
  • A chance to improve your English language communication skills
  • A recognised certificate or diploma

Entry requirements
Previous academic results, study attitude and general behaviour as well the IELTS score  will determine your ability to gain admission at a South Australian government school.

High School Graduate Program Fees
Fees are payable in Australian dollars and include OSHC fees.

High School Study Abroad Packages
This is for those students wishing to complete secondary education in their home country  but wish to gain some international schooling experience as well as experience the local  culture.

The High School packages offer you:

  • High quality tuition
  • Student support
  • A reputable home stay program
  • An opportunity to experience Australian culture and improve your English language communication skills as the same time
  • A school transcript

Entry requirements
Students who meet the required level of English language proficiency may not be required to undertake Intensive English classes.

High School Study Abroad Packages Fees
Fees are payable in Australian dollars and include OSHC fees.

The fees also include:

  • Airport reception
  • Home stay program arrangements
  • A school and welcome tour
  • An orientation program
  • Student support services
  • Terms reports and school transcripts

The fees do not include:

  • Student visas
  • School excursions
  • School uniforms
  • Personal & travel expenses

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
This is a two year program from Years 11 to 12 and enables students to gain a tertiary ranking for purposes of entering university.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
The IB Middle Years program is offered at many South Australian Government schools. The IB diploma is also offered as an alternative to the SACE.

Future pathways to tertiary education
South Australian qualifications are held in high regard and provide students with a range of options for the future.

Student support services
South Australian government schools have special support services and networks for international school students. This is because they understand that studying abroad can be a very challenging and exciting opportunity for many.

Overview of student support servicesOur services include:

  • Home stay placement and monitoring
  • Airport reception
  • School orientation
  • Pastoral care & counselling
  • Regular issue of school reports to parents/guardians
  • In-School Support
  • Services available include:
  • An international student point of contact
  • An introduction program
  • Pastoral care & counselling
  • Ongoing English as a second language (ESL) support