High Schools in South Australia

We represent the Government high schools in Adelaide and South Australia, these high schools are becoming more involved with international education with homestay and excellent student support services available. Over 100 government high schools are available for international students and teachers are professionally qualified.

South Australian government schools offer a world class education and cater to the special needs of each student. At senior level, students can make choices about subjects that will help them gain tertiary entry. Careers advice and counselling is also available for those who need it.

The curriculum consists of a wide range of core and specialist subjects in: the arts, design technology, English and other languages, mathematics and science, health and physical education, and society and the environment. The syllabus is delivered through individually tailored learning for all high school students, including the more gifted, while specialist schools operate in some subject areas like science and the arts, and there is ongoing support for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Use of technology is a part of every subject area and facilities are modern and up to date.

The quality of the high schools in South Australia is recognised internationally and the SA Department of International Education maintains the highest standards of education, care and support of international students in a caring and supportive environment.

We are happy to help you and your parents find the right school and assist with the application process.


The sunny capital of South Australia, Adelaide is also known as the ‘city of churches’ is a multicultural coastal city. A beautiful central capital, with a growing CBD, Adelaide is a smaller city, which for those of you who want to attend a high school, is quite a good thing. It means for your parents, more affordable accommodation, and for you as a student: smaller class sizes, bigger school campus’s with more available facilities and within the safety of being in a more smaller city, compared to other cities in Australia, like Sydney.  Adelaide attracts many  international students as it offers activities & learning opportunities for international students. Multicultural coastal city. You can enrol in Intensive Secondary English Classes (ISEC), High School Graduate programs, High School Study Abroad and IPEC programs at the high schools in Adelaide.

We know how confusing it can be to select the right high school to study at. That's why we offer free services to help you find the perfect high school, as well as help with the entire application process. Check out our list of services here.

You can choose a school that is near the beach, close to the city center or in the country.

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Adelaide high schools also offer you:

  • High quality tuition
  • Student support
  • A reputable home stay program
  • An opportunity to experience Australian culture
  • A chance to improve your English language communication skills
  • A recognised certificate or diploma
  • Ongoing English as a Second Language (ESL) Support

High School Programs in Adelaide and South Australia

High School Study Abroad Program

Study for 1 - 4 terms at a metropolitan high school in South Australia. Try a new subject, enrol in a special interest program and participate in exciting school-based activities. This is for those students wishing to complete secondary education in their home country but wish to gain some international schooling experience as well as experience the local culture.

High School Regional Study Abroad Program

Study for 1 - 4 terms at a regional high school in South Australia. The regional High School study abroad program in South Australia provides you the opportunity to participate in school and community activities. You will experince the best that South Australia has to offer: beautiful beaches, wine landscapes, a variety of wildlife and community focused towns.   Study in areas such as the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, Mt Gambier, Port Lincoln or Kangaroo Island.

Short High School Program

Study for less than 10 weeks at a high school in South Australia. You don't need a student visa for this program, instead you only need a tourist visa. South Australian government schools take this opportunity to welcome all students intending to take part in short-term study tours. The program provides a unique Australian experience in both urban and regional country areas.

High School Graduate Program

This is a two year program from Years 11 to 12 and enables students to gain a tertiary ranking for purposes of entering university. Pursue your academic interests and ambitions and gain a world class education. On completion receive the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). The IB diploma is also offered as an alternative to the SACE. South Australian qualifications are held in high regard and provide students with a range of options for the future.

South Australian Government High Schools

Overview of the South Australian school system

The school year in South Australia has four terms divided into two semesters. The year runs from Late January through to December and has roughly 10 weeks in each term followed by the holiday breaks.

School hours: Most schools operate from 9am to 3.30pm.

Why choose South Australian government schools

  • Student oriented learning outcomes
  • High quality student support & guidance
  • Home stay program with friendly and hospitable Australian families
  • International students also benefit from;
  • A wide range of schools to choose from
  • A wide range of programs and subjects to choose from
  • Specialist teaching expertise in certain schools
  • Small class sizes and more student-teacher interaction
  • Modern and state of the art facilities
  • The use of technology in learning
  • Teaching for students of different abilities
  • Ongoing English as a second language (ESL) support
  • A wide range of recreational activities
  • Ongoing professional counselling


Student support services
South Australian government schools have special support services and networks for international school students. This is because they understand that studying abroad can be a very challenging and exciting opportunity for many.

Overview of student support services:

  • Home stay placement and monitoring
  • Airport reception
  • School orientation
  • Regular issue of school reports to parents/guardians
  • In-School Support
  • Services available include:
  • An international student point of contact
  • An introduction program
  • Pastoral care & counselling
  • Ongoing English as a second language (ESL) support

School Subjects

These are the eight key learning areas identified within the South Australian school system:
  • English
  • Health & PE
  • Languages
  • Society & Environment
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Special Interest Programs
  • Such programs include sports, multimedia and the performing arts.


Specialised subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Science and Mathematics: robotics, forensic science, nanotechnology, astronomy and viticulture
  • Health and Physical Education: psychology, hospitality, surfing, golf, cycling and outdoor education
  • The Arts: music, ballet, contemporary dance, textiles and fashion
  • Technologies: computer aided design, broadcasting, graphic design, photography and animation


South Australian government schools especially cater to students from non-English speaking backgrounds and have special services designed especially for them.

English as a second language (ESL)
In addition to special English language classes, ESL support is also offered to students in mainstream learning.

School of languages
This is a specialist language school offering foreign language tuition to secondary students in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Languages offered include French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean & Spanish.

Individual and team activities are also offered to students in areas such as drama and music bands. There are also international competitions in which students can take part in order to achieve all round excellence.

Some South Australian government high schools offer a program called IGNITE in one of the following areas:

  • General Intelligence
  • A specified academic study area
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Psychomotor ability
  • Leadership
  • Sports
  • Creative thinking & Interpersonal/Intrapersonal skills

Some of our high schools also have special interest programs for students with a talent or passion for a particular
subject area. Areas include: Music, Sports, Languages & Performing Arts

  • Detailed advice about Australian school system
  • Recommendation and suggestion to choose a suitable high school and subjects
  • Liaison with high schools in Australia to discuss possible placements, subjects and questions regarding your application and stay (if necessary)
  • Provision of all necessary application forms and support to apply for a high school placement
  • Check of all documents and submission of your correct application
  • Organisation of stay at an Australian family who will act as your guardian (you have your own room including meals while you stay in Australia)
  • Comprehensive Student visa application support including provision of all necessary documents
  • Information helping you to organise convenient flights to and from Australia (if required)
  • Information and support to help you get set-up in Australia (Health Insurance etc.)
  • On-Arrival Service (air port pickup an transport to your accommodation) (if required)
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Pastoral Care through International Department of school and local contact person
  • Continuous contact to parents while student is studying at high school
  • Certificate for your high school abroad
  • Dedicated personal contact during your stay in Australia including support services should any issues arise
  • Our service is for free.