School fees for international students and term dates of the Australian Schools

How much do international students pay for schooling in Australia?

International Student School Fees in AustraliaThe cost to international students at state high schools varies across every state in Australia. School fees are currently between A $11,000 and A $20,000 a year for year 7-12 public schools. Private and boarding schools are more expensive.

There are also costs for textbooks, school notebooks, school and sports uniform (AUD $400 – $1000), special activities and selected sports (as leisure activity), etc.

In addition to tuition fees and accommodation, the following additional costs are incurred: Airline tickets, Liability and Accident Insurance, Visa Fees, school lunches, Excursions, special paid courses at school, Public transport, transport costs for school trip, Pocket money ($130-$150 /week) ..and more

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School Terms in Australia

There are four school terms during the year in Australia but the exact school term dates vary from state to state, this is because individual states in Australia manages their own education system.

The school year begins in late January / early February and ends in November / December. December / January is summer vacation, July / August is winter.

The ideal start is at the end of January, but it is usually also possible to start at the beginning of the individual terms during the school year.

School Terms in Australia

Fees & term dates of the government schools in Australia

International student fees at the private schools in Australia