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​Anyone interested in high school studies in Melbourne or regional Victoria is in the right place with us. We are the official registration office for high schools in Melbourne. Our student exchange program in Melbourne is supported by the relevant Ministries of Education in Australia, so we can offer international students a large number of state high schools in Melbourne. Our high school study abroad program lets you choose the school you want whether it be in or around Melbourne or regional Victoria.

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Imagine studying at a High School in Melbourne or Regional Victoria!

Melbourne is a vibrant and trendy city and the capital city of the state of Victoria. It is Australia's second-largest and one of the most liveable cities in the world. Victoria's seasons are variable: warm to hot in summer, mild in both autumn and spring and cold and rainy in winter. Summer is great for outdoors activities like cycling, sailing and surfing, autumn and spring are better for fishing, rock-climbing or road tours of the rural regions while winter is ideal for snow-boarding and skiing.

Melbourne is often second played to Sydney. As Sydney is Australia's busiest city and Melbourne is Australia's second. Don't let this fool you though Melbourne has more to offer then many of us will ever realize.

The high schools are known for being extremely multi cultural. there is not a high school in Melbourne or regional Victoria where a second language is not a necessity as a subject. Although the city itself is quite large and Victoria as a state quite small you would expect that land size and school campuses to be smaller then a lot of Australia's other schools. In fact Melbourne's High Schools have extremely large campuses, brilliant up to date facilities and extremely well taught teachers.

Melbourne is a city anyone would love to call home with schools available for any family including government schools, private schools, independent schools , and with it's extra ordinary schooling system and it's pride in it's educational sector.

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High Schools Melbourne

Why study at a government high school in Melbourne or Regional Victoria?

  1. High Standard of Education
    The high schools in Melbourne is recognized internationally for it’s high quality teaching methods, learning spaces, curriculum and qualifications. The education system is internationally recognised as one of the best in the world. It fosters learning through traditional classroom tasks as well the latest technologies, including the internet and multimedia labs.
  2. Student Support
    All schools have a coordinator on site and this is not only available at the school, but is also responsible for the placement in the host family and can therefore advise on all questions that arise at short notice.
  3. Multicultural & Student Friendly Environment
    International students get the opportunity to experience the Australian way of life in a supportive homestay environment.
  4. Amazing Environment and Landscape
    Melbourne and regional Victoria offers beautiful coastline and beaches, as well as national parks and natural wonders that are there for you to experience. Victoria, especially Melbourne, has a varied natural and cultural landscape: there are wine-growing regions, farmlands, mountain ranges and national parks along with cosmopolitan cities and gorgeous coastal scenery, not to mention 180 different languages spoken as well as the multicultural diversity of food in the restaurants and hotel scenes. Fashion, festivals, sports, arts and entertainment add their own variations to the cultural scene of Melbourne and Victoria. The advantage in Victoria is that there are many schools that are on the water. So student's can enjoy close proximity to beaches and take part in water activities.
  5. Melbourne is ranked as the best student destination in the world!
    It is also ranked # 2 in the worlds most liveable cities as well as the worlds best sporting city.
  6.  Choose from over 90 different subjects & many different extra curricular activities & academies.
    The curriculum for Victorian schools is broad, allowing development of academic, social, cultural and sporting capacities in its students. International students can be guaranteed they will receive the English language tuition necessary for success in their life and study in Victoria through high-quality educational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment. Many foreign languages can be taken as a subject in school OR, if it is not offered, as Distance Education. Victoria is one of the few places where you can study Latin in Australia through Distance Education at the Victorian School of Languages. In addition, you can take the courses of your choice regardless of age. This means that those who go to 10th grade can ask if they can take a course in 11th grade and vice versa.

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There are approximately 120 accredited high schools in Victoria.

You can choose a school that offers you:

  • the subjects you want to study
  • many extra-curricular activities for you to enjoy
  • the desired location you want to study in (close to the beach, close to the city...)
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