Copperfield College

Copperfield College

Copperfield College Information

  • Address: Goldsmith Avenue, Delahey, Victoria 3037
  • Distance from Melbourne: 25 km
  • Principal: Tony Simpson
  • International Student Coordinator: Genevieve Simson
  • Number of students: 1800
  • Number of international students: 5
  • Gender: Co-ed
  • VCE Results
  • VCE completion : 95%
  • University offers : 51%
  • TAFE/VET offers : 40%

Languages taught

  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian



Intensive English Language provided

  • At nearby English Language Centre



Special programs

The college is known for its middle years teams structure, high levels of student engagement and innovative teaching practices. There is also a strong emphasis on student leadership. The college received a National Curriculum Award for our work in VCE improvement and the reculturing of the VCE campus.  

There is also a successful whole school literacy focus which builds the literacy skill of each student in each subject area. ESL students are catered for by a dedicated group of ESL teachers on each campus


Popular sports

  • Badminton
  • Table tennis  
  • Soccer



Special facilities

  • Extensive ICT facilities on each campus
  • Wireless network
  • Over 500 student computers on a fibre-optic network
  • Gymnasiums
  • Music


performance spaces

  • Libraries
  • Extensive sports grounds
  • VCE campus has a VCE study centre including access to ICT
  • Multimedia
  • Careers counselling and experienced student support personnel


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