High Schools in New South Wales

​Anyone interested in high school studies in New South Wales is in the right place with us. We are the official registration office for high schools in New South Wales. Our student exchange program in New South Wales is supported by the relevant Ministries of Education in Australia, so we can offer international students a large number of state high schools in New South Wales. You can choose to study at a high school in Sydney or a regional area in NSW. Our services are 100% free!

New South Wales

Sydney is the gateway to Australia on the country’s east coast and is the capital city of New South Wales. Multicultural, harmonious, affluent and affordable, the city is located in Sydney Harbour National Park, surrounded by national parks and only ninety minutes drive from the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park.

New South Wales at large is characterised by diverse landscapes: delightful stretches of coast populated by cities and towns, large and small, agricultural and industrial; diverse rural agricultural regions populated by farming communities in the towns and regional centres; national parks and ski fields in the southern mountains.

High Schools in Sydney and NSW offer the same kind of diversity in their geography and student populations, from both the local areas and overseas, while their teachers are university-trained professionals.

Qualifications from NSW schools are recognised internationally and overseas students have 300 schools in Sydney and NSW to choose from.

International students learn alongside Australian students in a safe and supportive multicultural environment that enhances the student’s social skills, confidence and overall experience.

NSW is a clean, modern and urbanised state, offering top of the line facilities for health, recreational and study purposes. Studying in this state will provide the choice of studying inland, on the coast or in the city.

Studying regionally is often cheaper and a provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. On the coast you will live close to the famous sunny beaches of Australia.

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High School Students Testimonials

“I came to study at a High School in NSW for a year and liked it so much I decided to stay and do my HSC. I chose Australia because family had been here before and told me positive things about it and how much they loved it. My ability in English has improved and many teachers made everything so much easier for me. One of the important things has been the friends I’ve made. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after my HSC. I just know that Australia has been the best experience I have ever had.”

Sven Burger, Germany

“NSW government schools have the best choices of study. You can enjoy school life here and meet a variety of people. I have an opportunity to extend myself and achieve my dreams.”

Stacey Liang, China


High School Programs in New South Wales

High School Study Abroad

Study Abroad programs are designed for students who wish to spend between 3 – 12 months studying at high school in New South Wales and live with a local family.
Students have a wide range of schools in the Sydney Metropolitan area to choose from, some offering English language courses before the start of the program.
Homestay accommodation with a local family is located within walking distance or easy access to the school via public transport.

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International Student Program

International student programs are designed for students who wish to more than 1 year studying at high school in New South Wales and live with a local family.
Students have a wide range of schools in the Sydney Metropolitan area to choose from, some offering English language courses before the start of the program.
Homestay accommodation with a local family is located within walking distance or easy access to the school via public transport.

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Student Life
Extra Curricular Activities

Studying at a NSW government high school

NSW’s public schools are recognised worldwide for excellence. They also offer international students a safe and comfortable study environment. Student welfare is a top priority and there are over 2,000 primary and secondary schools to choose from. In addition, there are schools catering for students with special needs or interests. NSW Government schools offer small class sizes, a well-designed curriculum and support.

High School programs

  • International students can opt to study for a semester or complete their final year at a boys only, girls only or co-ed school.
  • They can also use the Higher School Certificate (HSC) to pursue tertiary studies in Australia or abroad.
  • There are also specialist schools for languages, technology and the creative arts. Furthermore, English language support is also available for international students in student friendly small class sizes.
  • English language programs are delivered to improve literacy and English as a Second language (ESL) programs are very popular with international students.

About NSW Government High Schools

  • New South Wales government schools are recognised worldwide for their excellence. You can be confident when you enrol your child that he or she will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for their tertiary studies or career choices.
  • Our schools integrate computer technology, including multimedia materials, e-learning, broadband internet access into interesting teaching and learning activities in junior and senior subjects.
  • Students from many nations study with Australian students in a safe and friendly environment.

Student Life

Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is know as Australia’s largest city. It is also famous for it’s popular beaches, the Sydney opera house, world class restaurants, multiculturalism… and the list just keeps going.
If you’d like to find out more about what do do in Sydney and the many attractions just click here


Thing to do in Regional New South Wales

New South Wales has 9 different regional areas. International students often chose to study in regional NSW high schools since it’s more peaceful, there is more nature and the schools are away from the hustle and bustle of Australia’s largest city. Check out this website to found out more: www.visitnsw.com/destinations


Subject areas include English, Mathematics, Science, the humanities, visual and performing arts, technology, sports and physical education as well as support with English as a Second Language (ESL). Careers advisors, counsellors, curriculum co-ordinators and international student advisors care for the wellbeing of each student while they are studying.

The internet, computer technology, digital media, science laboratories, libraries and other specialist technology facilities are available to students on an everyday basis so that opportunities for learning creatively and independently are readily available.

NSW Junior High School Subjects

Learning in Years 7 to 10 focuses on eight key learning areas (KLAs):

English, Creative Arts (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts), Human Society and Its Environment, Languages, Mathematics, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technological and Applied Studies.

Students who are talented in performing arts (dance, drama, visual arts or music), technology, languages or sport may apply to high schools which offer specialist facilities.

NSW Senior High School Subjects

Learning in Years 11 to 11 offer a wide range of subjects including

Ancient or Modern History, Business Studies, Creative Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts), Economics, Engineering Studies, Food Technology, Geography, Legal Studies, Mathematics (with extension subjects available), Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics), Software Design and Technology, A wide choice of languages..

A selection of vocational subjects that also provide a Certificate-level qualification upon completion.


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Accommodation and Welfare for International High School Students

All Study Abroad students live with a local home stay family near their school. Students must be at least 15 years old when they commence studies to be eligible
for a Study Abroad program. Accommodation and welfare arrangements cannot be
changed without the prior approval of the International Students Centre. Home stay accommodation is provided by an external private provider.
All homestay providers are over 18 years old and undergo a police check before students arrive.

Homestay Costs

The cost of Homestay includes 2 meals a day on weekdays and 3 meals on weekends. Homestay providers will arrange for a furnished individual room for each student with shared bathroom facilities. Students will have access to kitchen and laundry facilities. Contact us to find out more.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities

NSW government schools offer a range of extra-curricular activities for students including:

  • Music bands
  • Orchestras
  • Music ensembles
  • Choirs
  • School theatre/musical performances
  • Debating
  • Mock trials
  • A range of competitive and non-competitive sports
  • Fundraising
  • Community work through external organisations that have links with schools.

To get detailed advice and more information about studying at a high school in News South Wales, get in touch with us today!

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