Migrating to Australia from India

Today, Australia is one of the most preferred destinations to study, work, and finally settle for most immigrants who come from India.

There has been a Rise in the Number of Immigrants from India after an Initial Fall

The concept of moving to Australia from another continent is an age-old one. Not only from Europe or South East Asian countries, there was an influx of immigrants even from faraway lands, say India.

Extensive research show that Indians had also migrated to Australia in search for a better living about 4,000 years back. Today, the situation has not changed. In fact, more and more Indians are entering Australia under skilled and non-skilled categories.

Initial Fall
Till 2007-to-2011 there had been a steady rise in the number of immigrants coming from India. However, the situation changed in 2012 when there was a sharp decline of about 25 percent in the number of migrants. Nagging factors were:

  • Rise of crime against students – especially those commuting during the late night hours
  • Closure of many vocational institutes
  • Rise in the cost of living and tuition fees
  • Stringent measures to get visas

…And, difficulties in coping with part-time work, study, and living costs.

Rise in Number of Indian Immigrants
The downturn in 2012 is now slowly changing in 2013, as there is a steady rise in the number of college students who are looking for vocational studies in Australia and those interested in internship programs.

There has been also been a rise in the visa applications for onshore students. Today, various study tours and student exchange programs are being initiated to attract Indian students.

Attractive Policies for Indians to Study or Work in Australia

The government has taken up some steps to curb Indian immigrants from getting intimidated or exploited in Australia. Students studying higher studies in the universities have also started making a beeline in the country.

Some attractive policies why immigration from India is yet again upbeat:

  • Introduction of the post-study work option is now a relief for fresh graduates as they can look forward to work in the Australian industry before trying out other career options.
  • Changes in the visa migration process where skilled migrants will have a hassle-free and less time consuming visa processing procedure.
  • Introduction of SkillSelect where skilled migrants will be invited and nominated by the government or Australian employers rather than find out a job on their own.
  • Changes in visa cancellation procedure where each case will be assessed individually and not automatically.
  • Streamlining of visa processing where cancellation of the pre-assessment visa formalities will allow students with COE to get assessed through a standard similar to Assessment Level 1.
  • Easy Assessment Levels where Indian students can qualify for their respective visas without much difficulties than earlier times when the Levels were stringent.
  • Changes in visa formalities and application fees where students will be able to survive better in Australia. While student visa charges have been reduced, there has been in an increase in the amount kept as surety for living in the country. This will mean that students will have better funds to sustain themselves when studying in Australia.
  • Part-time work hours have also been made flexible to help students work in a relatively independent manner.

According to the latest reports, the future looks upbeat as more people are coming forward to move to Australia. Are you from India and looking for a lucrative career? Find a CRICOS-certified course, prestigious institute, and tips to live modestly in Australia.

For more information regarding the Australian immigration system, please contact our Immigration Australia counselors.

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