Greenwood Senior High School


Greenwood Senior High School Information

In a caring community, Greenwood Senior High School is committed to providing progressive and relevant educational programs during which students are encouraged to excel, discover themselves and map their progress in the modern world.


Greenwood Senior High School is a clean, safe, spacious, middle sized school located on a grassy five hectare site among stands of restful native trees. Having an Intensive English Centre on campus (which draws students from all over the world), mainstream students are used to mixing with international students and are aware of their aspirations and needs.

There is, therefore, an atmosphere of care and concern in the student body for recently arrived students. For thirty years the school has had a bilateral relationship
with Japanese schools in Kagoshima leading to student exchange programs. As well, scores of exchange students from all over the world have enjoyed augmenting theireducation at Greenwood Senior High School.

The school has been refurbished recently to accommodate a modern Student Services Centre and Administration Block as well as the Intensive English Centre.

Judged on external exam results and Curriculum Council awards the school has an excellent academic record and provides a wide range of challenging courses which may lead to either university entrance in courses such as engineering, education, science, law, commerce and architecture or to TAFE admission to such courses as


Japanese and French (Years 8 and 9)


These programs are available to international fee paying Students. Interested students should contact the school for information about application procedures.

  • Aviation (Years 8 to 12) designed to engender an interest in flight and lead to further studies at a tertiary level. Facilities at Jandakot Airport are used and students may be able to gain a private pilot licence.
  • Volleyball (Years 8 to 12) designed to develop student skills to potentially state and national levels. Coaching, umpiring and leadership skills are fostered also.
  • Music (Years 8 to 12) designed to expose students to many styles of music and provide opportunity for public performance. Tuition in a range of instruments is also available.
  • Dance (Years 8 to 12) designed to heighten awareness of the different genres of dance and provide opportunities for public performance and development of choreographic skills.
  • Academic Extension (Years 8 to 12) designed to accelerate progress in Mathematics, English, Science and Social Sciences for more able students.
  • VET Program (Years 11 and 12) designed to enable students to combine school based courses with TAFE programs while participating in structured workplace learning.


The school has an Intensive English Centre which caters for up to 130 students across Years 8 to 10 who need to develop their English skills and gain confidence in their assimilation into the broader Australian society.

Under the tutelage of 13 teachers, who have specialist qualifications and wide ranging experience, students are able to study for up to two semesters before entering mainstream classes where further support is available from teachers with ESL qualifications. Students are also supported by nine ethnic assistants who speak a variety of languages including Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.


The comprehensive student support team consists of a Student Services Manager, Nurse, Psychologist, Chaplain, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer and Year

the IFPS program.