Study in Cairns: The Tropical Northern Queensland

Study in Cairns

Cairns is the capital of the Far North region. Cairns was originally founded in 1876 as an export port for valuable mineral resources. Tourism later increased and reached its heyday in the 1960s. The Cairns area is still one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. Especially when it comes to water sports from swimming to surfing and especially diving, “Far North” offers seemingly unlimited leisure opportunities. Because the Great Barrier Reef is also not far away.

Cairns is considered the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Nowhere else in Australia is the distance between the reef and the mainland smaller. That is why many enthusiastic divers and snorkelers are drawn to Cairns. Colorful corals, fish and other marine life can also be seen on a glass bottom boat trip.

The outer reef is only 50 kilometers away from the two islands of Green Island and Fitzroy Island off Cairns, which is quite popular with divers. But otherwise you have access to many different diving areas from Cairns. It's no wonder that the city is also called the capital of scuba diving.

Just like a major city, Cairns boasts an international airport, world class restaurants and hotels as well as modern infrastructures and facilities.

If you have your heart set on Studying in Cairns, whether it be High School, University, or learning a language, we at AA Education Network can help you find the appropriate course/s and assist you this the entire process of studying in Australia. And the best part? You get to live in a tropical paradise while you learn.

Education for International Students in Cairns

The city of Cairns is Australia’s sixteenth largest city. The city’s population is over 140,000. It is located in the state of Queensland’s northern region. It is located near a combination of several environments. The city is also going through a change as it is experiencing an urban sprawl. As Cairns experiencing a stage of urbanisation its educational institutions have become more attractive to prospective students in Australia as well as overseas.

International students have the opportunity to learn in an environment with a diverse and vibrant culture. Students are able to immerse themselves in this culture while they are learning. Not only does this culture help students unwind but allow them to experience a little piece of Australian culture which will provide for pleasant, life-long memories. Cairns have a tropical climate that is well-suited to an outdoor-orientated lifestyle. There are various activities available for recreation. There is a wide range of venues for dining, entertainment and relaxation.

Cairns’s educational institutions offer a wide range of programs. This range offers students various career pathways that can be pursued. These programs range from English colleges for international students; primary and high schools for children; private colleges; universities, and technical and further education (TAFE). Many of the educational courses are of high quality and government accredited and well-regarded internationally. It is accompanied with good infrastructure and facilities.

Study in Cairns

World class education surrounded by World Heritage attractions

Every year thousands of international students chose to study in Cairns at local high schools, language schools, vocation education providers and at university.

The education providers in Cairns offer international student world class education withing a diverse cultural environment surrounded by surrounded by World Heritage attractions. This unique environment promises students an ultimately once in a lifetime experience.


Study in your own tropical paradise

The climate here is warm or even hot all year round - just tropical. In summer, however, there can be individual rains or thunderstorms during the day. Cyclones and flooded streets are also on the program. It is not cold in winter, but pleasantly warm at least during the day. At night it can get below 15 degrees Celsius.

Cairns itself does not have its own beach. That is why there is a seawater swimming lagoon on the waterfront with a size of around 4,000 square meters.

In Cairns there are many restaurants with international cuisine, unusual shops and bars, whose dance floors often span several floors. An artificial lagoon was created in the middle of the city, more precisely a gigantic giant pool. This popular meeting point is particularly beneficial on hot days, as a dip in the refreshing pool can never hurt given the extreme temperatures in Cairns.

If you stay longer and like beaches, a stay in one of the many small holiday resorts north of Cairns is better advised. It also includes one of Australia's most popular wellness destinations, Palm Cove.

As a trip, it is recommended to take the so-called Skyrail from Cairns to Kuranda. There, for example, the Aboriginal Cultural Center and a butterfly farm can be visited. A traditional Kuranda Railway train goes back to Cairns.

Study in Cairns

The cost of living in Cairns tends to be lower than in major Australian cities

Rent: The rent in Cairns for a shared room is between $ 100 - $ 130 AUD. The price refers to a shared apartment that is shared by three students.

Petrol: The cost of filling up a tank is cheaper than in Germany, but not cheap. Prices vary between $ 1.25 to $ 1.65 per liter

Groceries: You should plan to spend $ 70 AUD a week if you have a budget and attend malls (Woolworth, Coles, etc.).

Miscellaneous: In Australia you have to pay the electricity separately in addition to the rent so that you can include $ 20 AUD per week. For the bus and local transportation costs, Cairns should cost around $ 25 to $ 30. For other unforeseen things and entertainment, you should plan to spend $ 60 a week.

Insider money tips: If you don't want to cook, you can use one of the many pub options for lunch. For $ 10 you get a large plate, with a steak and salad over it. The P.J. O'Briens is very popular and becomes a highlight almost every evening. Inquire about the occasional bar hopping and “happy hour” prices.

Students can have a lot of fun here for little money. The Tjapukai Cultural Park is only 15 minutes north of Cairns. Here you can learn to throw a boomerang, watch dance shows or watch a historical film. There is a discount for students.

Study in Cairns