The TAFE division is embedded in and an important part of the University of Ballarat. Out of the 22.000 students enlisted at the university, 17.000 alone study and train in one of the TAFE courses. Though its history stretches back to the gold rush of the 1850s, the institution in its current form wasn’t established until as recently as 1994.



Roughly an hour’s drive straight west of Melbourne, Ballarat has transformed itself from a small gold digger’s hamlet to a bustling local hub of about 80.000 people. The surroundings offer a diverse range from fertile plains of great agricultural importance to rolling hills of unspoiled natural beauty. One landmark worth mentioning is Grampians National Park, where uniquely shaped mountains abound, the highest being Mt William at 1169 metres.



A total of six campuses form the University of Ballarat, however only three offer TAFE courses. These are:

  • Ararat Campus
  • Horsham Campus
  • Stawell Campus

Schools and Academies

The TAFE division at the University of Ballarat boasts a vast range of courses. These are offered by the following schools within the division:

  •  Arts Academy
  •  School of Applied Sciences
  •  School of Business Services
  •  School of Human Services
  •  School of Manufacturing Services

Entry Requirements

These may vary from course to course. In general, it is necessary to provide a school education that is the equivalent to the Australian years 10-12 with passes in English. Furthermore, enrolment at TAFEs in Victoria requires a minimum level of English language skills (equivalent of IELTS academic version min. of 5.5).


Student Activities

As always with campuses in a rather rural setting, an active life style is certainly well catered for. Bushwalking, biking or camping-trips rank high on the list of favourite pastimes. For a longer adventure, over a weekend for example, a trip into the magnificent Grampians National Park is a great idea. In this most western area of the Great Dividing Range spectacular rock formations wait alongside lakes, gorges and massive gumtree-woodlands. Ballarat itself features all the comforts and amenities of a modern county community.



Sounds like your place to be? The friendly people at AA education will be more than happy to provide information and assist you on your way to the TAFE division of the University of Ballarat. Just email us to receive the application form and help with the usual administrative hurdles.