Kids Health and Wellbeing

Watching our kids at lunch time tells us that kids like to be active. Physical activity is important for healthy growth and development. It also increases social skills and friendship skills, as well as can improve mental health and wellbeing.

The earlier we involve kids in physical activity the more likely it will become a part of everyday life.

We now know that:

Children need at least 60 minutes to several hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

Spending more than two hours a day using electronic media (TV, computer, internet) is unhealthy and detrimental to a child’s wellbeing.

The type of activity undertaken is important.

Moderate activity will be equal in intensity to a brisk walk, or a bike ride.

Vigorous activities will make kids `huff and puff’ e.g. football, soccer, ballet, running, swimming laps.

But any activity that sees your child expend energy is good!

Getting your child into sport may take some effort. Here are some tips:

Offer organised sport (team game) or some sporting activity you and they could do together (e.g. play football in the park, biking, walking).

Begin with moderate intensity activity – say 30 minutes per day and steadily increase time and vigour.

Make it fun for both of you – while you both get fit together.

Use firm love to turn off the electronic devices.

Moderate the amount of food eaten – putting on weight is mostly to do with an imbalance of calories and exercise (the more food that goes in, the more energy you have to spend).

Increase the amount of healthy nutritious foods.

Try and make exercise a priority during your week and it will soon become a part of your lifestyle and benefit the whole family.