You will find just like most places that it always pays to be safe rather than sorry, and this is especially the case when it comes to your kids. You always know to keep your eye out on them whenever you are with them as things with kids can turn downhill pretty fast so it’s always important to be weary of situations that may change quickly and always remain in control. We have compiled a list of safety tips and advice for you and your children when in Brisbane that we hope will be of great assistance to you!

  1. Always watch your kids no matter what! Obviously the older they get the more independent they will become but it also means they will become more inquisitive and potentially get themselves into danger. A simple case of checking on them every half hour or so while you go about your daily tasks should suffice, but you would rather be over cautious than under cautious right? Of course you would be. It only takes a moment for things to turn pear shaped so a simple glance here and there won’t hurt and may prevent something bad from happening.
  2. FENCE YOUR POOL! Being in Brisbane you will no doubt want to own a pool to escape from the brutal summer heat, and it’s important to always have a fence around it so your kids won’t wander off and fall in. You should always talk to your local pool expert about what fences are best suited for children as you will obviously want a safety gate as well that your child won’t be able to open also. By spending a bit of money on the best possible fence you may just save your child’s life.
  3. Protect your kids from the sun! With such a high rate of cancer in Australia it’s important to take sun safety seriously. A lot of people assume with Brisbane’s climate and humidity that you don’t need to worry too much about sunburn and skin cancer as the moisture in the air cancels this out. Well this is not always the case and you should always make your children slip, slop and slap whenever they are playing outside. Even if it’s a cloudy day it’s better to be safe than sorry so always make sure this is one of the first things you do as soon as your child wants to go outside.
  4. Allow your kids plenty of exercise by taking them to one of the numerous parks in Brisbane. Childhood obesity is obviously a major issue in Australia so get your kids off the couch and outside! Why not make it a family day by going with them with the dog, or some of their friends. You could even turn it into a healthy picnic so that you could spend a fair amount of time there as well. It would make a fun day for all and get you all out of the house which is fantastic for everyone involved!
  5. Don’t let your kids be too inquisitive in the garden due to snakes and spiders! Australia is home to some of the most deadly spiders and snakes in the world and a lot of them can be found in your garden so you should always make sure that if your kids want to play in the garden that they wear gloves and other protective equipment so they can avoid being bitten. Most clothing such as jobs won’t prevent a bite all together but it can go a long way in preventing a serious bite with the capability of seriously injuring or even killing your child.

These are 5 of the simplest steps you will ever read when it comes to child safety and by taking them on board then hopefully you will have a much safer home and not have to worry too much about your children and looking after them. A child can never be too safe so it’s always best to be as safe as possible to avoid any accidents that will cause damage to your children. Safety is always they key, so you should always remember that!