Aussie English

The main language spoken in Australia by 80% of its population is English, Australian English to be exact. You might ask, isn't English just English? Why does the Australians speak Australian English?

Well, if you have already travelled or have met people from various parts of the world, you may already know that people from different countries who speaks the same language can usually understand each other with little problem.

However, the difference of the language used in individual countries usually has to do with the accent, vocabulary and idioms. Some examples of this difference may be seen in English speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. You can also find the same language difference in Asian countries as well, such as China and Taiwan.

So, just like other English speaking countries, the English spoken in Australia has a distinctive accent, and a set of vocabularies and idioms that are particular to the Australian people. This is Aussie English. Although it is not necessary to learn and understand Aussie English in order to survive in Australia, but it can be very helpful in everyday life when living in Australia and interacting with the Australian people. Another important reason why you should learn Aussie English is that, at the end of your journey in Australia, you will go away knowing that you have learnt and taken something Australian with you.

To help begin your journey of understanding Australian English, we have compiled a short list of popular slang that might come in handy when you arrive in Australia. So, take a look and learn a few!

There are many more! If you come across words or phrases that you don't quite understand, ask. Australians are friendly people who usually will be more than happy to stop and explain.